Title and Subject Lines, My Goldmine for Gathering PPC Keywords

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Thanks to Kevin Riley's earlier post today, we've been discussing ways to make better use of subject lines right?

Well, I wanted to share with you a simple technique that I use to create good quality list of keywords for my PPC campaigns.

This is basically my way of searching Long Tail keywords for PPC and I hope you can apply some information out of this.

1. I use forum search feature for specific keywords

Let's say I am looking to compile PPC keyword list for .... "hosting". I use the search feature of a forum and type in words like "Hostgator".

WarriorForum - Internet Marketing Forums - Search Results

From the link above, you'll see people asking questions such as these.

Choosing a host for membership site
What's the best reseller hosting
webhost recommendation?
Anyone know cheaper hosting than $7 a month?
2. Next all I do is I simply add these phrases as part of my PPC keyword list.

Let's try something different. How about the word "Craigslist"? In case you're trying to market a product related to Craigslist.

WarriorForum - Internet Marketing Forums - Search Results

You'll see people asking questions such as,

Anyone making money on Craigslist?
What sort of niches work best in classified ad sites?
Craigslist blackhat system
If you market on Craigslist
3. I just gather bunch of these keywords for whatever I am marketing using PPC

By using this method, you can compile greater list of keywords that no keyword generating software can even come close to generate. These keywords will have "natural flow" to it because they're are actual results from what people are tying in.

If you visit the WF's own Internet Marketing Product Reviews & Ratings

You see people asking questions about current popular products.

Then I look for products with affiliate programs to sign up, head over to my Google Adwords account and start listing keywords that I gathered ALL from these free sources listed at forums.

The Downside...

As you can see by now, these are all high quality converting keywords. The real trick is to align your keywords with the product sales page for Google to determine your keywords are great quality -- this you don't always have control.

No matter how relevant your keywords you match, sometimes Google's own system calls is POOR. I really don't know the reason why.

You can try this with NON-IM niche forums and look for some CB products that have ZERO competition. You'll become the only affiliate for that type of product. Just be careful when you sell NON-IM niche, you'll generate enough clicks but they may not be the best buyers from my experience (because they're not actively looking for such products as they are in IM circle).

I like staying with IM niche for PPC campaigns even though it generates fewer clicks. But with good list of keywords, you'll produce good ROI for sure because of its potential payout.

I think if you do any type of PPC campaigns for IM products, this strategy should return greater list of high converting keywords for you.

I know some people avoid PPC like plague but I like it. It's all on autopilot and even if you just have one or two sales a week/month with very little budget, it becomes worth your time because you hardly spend any money promoting.

Good luck!
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    Thanks for sharing this information Takuya

    Once you know your numbers, you know how much you can play with PPC.

    Start small, like 50 bucks or s and then build it up
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      This is the same technique used when developing a niche to market too.

      Good way to find out what people need for creating a product.

      Never thought of using the same data for creating a keyword list for PPC


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        I used to spend a lot of time trying to figure out the right keywords for PPC. This technique can give some very good keyword suggestions. I have tried this method and it has been very useful. Thanks for the information.

        To know more information check with this------>http://www.putonyourgoggles.com/blog...-on-the-loose/

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        Originally Posted by sparrow View Post

        This is the same technique used when developing a niche to market too.

        Good way to find out what people need for creating a product.

        Never thought of using the same data for creating a keyword list for PPC



        The advantage for this method is you'll become the ONLY person bidding these long tail for your IM products. There are no way Word Tracker or anything like that can even come close to automatically generate these types of keywords. So for the use of PPC, it really becomes high quality and low price set of keywords.

        It works great with popular products people are searching. Then instead of going after shorter, more popular keywords, you use ones found in subject titles (a lot of them) to make up for the quantity.

        Imagine you're still bidding for the popular products listed first page result of CB marketplace and still being able to lower keyword bidding price. If used effectively, this method essentially goes after those long tail but high quality keywords.
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    Wow, this is a very unique way to gather ppc keywords, thanks for posting. I'll be sure to give it a try!
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