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A couple of weeks ago, I joined a program by a very well known Internet marketer.

I will not mention the name of the marketer or the program because I do not want to get deleted from this forum.

It was an Instant Pay program which paid out $19.97 per sale directly into Paypal, and the product was a report on how to make money with RapBank.

I made quite a few sales in just one week, and was just starting to ramp up my advertising when I received an email from the Admin on Friday morning that read:


First, I want to give a big thanks to all of you for taking the
efforts to promote BLANK. This program has been a
remarkable success from the get-go and had it not been for your
participation in it, BLANK would not have achieved the
mileage it has today.


With that said, I would wish to let you know that we are currently
makeing a few changes to the BLANK program, so the
affiliate program (and commission payments) may be affected.

That is why I hope you can take a step back (or stop) with your
affiliate promotions for this program, at least for the time being,
until we have finalised the site changes...

...so you do not lose out on any commissions due to the changes we are making!

In the meanwhile, if you would like to promote a good affiliate
program, I invite you to promote our product, BLANK. Here is the link to it's affiliate section:


I immediately went to my affiliate page and checked my link to see if payments were still going into my PayPal. They were not.

All payments were now going to the Admin's Clickbank Account!

I immediately wrote to the Admin and told him that he should have given at least a few days' notice before making such a change, but I have not heard anything back from him.

As of today, all payments are still going straight to his Clickbank account. No work has been done on the affiliate signup page, so that we can input our hoplinks.

Now, I ask you, is this just a way for the Admin to screw all his affiliates out of their commissions, or am I missing something here?
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    That sucks...but I think the owner of the product does have the right to cancel an affiliate program at any time. I sure wouldn't promote any other products from the owner like he suggests in his email to you. That's just salt in the wound...

    Nothing to see here folks.....move along.

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    It does seem pretty sketchy. They probably do have the right to do it. If they really wanted to cheat their affiliates it would be the perfect way. Think of how many of the affiliates just deleted the email without doing anything. They are still feeding the CB account of the admin.

    If it is a really well known and respected marketer it seems pretty short sighted. They will pretty much ruin their name if it gets out they intentionally messed with their affiliate's links and commissions.
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    At first blush it sounds like the program is just switching to Clickbank. No big deal. In theory you can just change your links and keep promoting them. Unfortunately, most affiliates have links all over the internet and it is almost impossible to track them all. This is likely what they were counting on. On the bright side, you caught it early. I would NOT promote the new CB version of their site. Just feel lucky they emailed you at all I guess.

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    Pull all your links to his program.

    Need a QR Code? Check out my QR Code Generator. It's FREE!

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