All in One Webmaster Plugin Vanished?

by rnfl 9 replies
This has been a helpful plugin for Wordpress sites I've used many times but today when I tried to get it there was nothing there. On it is completely gone also.

Anyone else notice this or know how it could completely vanish like this?
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    If you've used it on many sites... don't you have it on your computer? And/or on your sites? - Just copy over from one site to another...

    As for the removal (in general) - there could be only 2 reasons:
    a) the author decided to pull it back, not wanting to develop it anymore; or wanting to sell?
    b) there was something wrong with it and the WP people removed it from the repository

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    I stumbled upon some guys blog post that All in one webmaster plugin put a malicious link in his footer. Maybe it was banned because of that.
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      Well if it was banned due to inserting malicious code it would be nice if WP put something up about that.

      Anyone know a comparable plugin - very nice to have one like this for setting up Google Webmaster, inserting code for header or footer easily, etc.
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    I'm currently looking into this same issue myself. I have code copy and am an active member of the WP community as well. Going to see if I can reach the original dev and if not to assume (or see if a friend wants to) control of the code.

    Edited to add: I'm not sure I'm allowed to share a link, but I just re-uploaded a zipped copy of the most recent version I have on hand for anyone that needs it: If anyone has a copy of the pro version I'd like to track that one down as well.
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    A bit late with the solution but here it is:

    I recently started to install my plugins antoher way:

    1. Install plugin central
    2. Copy and paste a list op plugin names or url's
    3. on the website of the developer i found the download link

    4. I copy and pasted the link in the plugin central (you will see it on the left of your wordpress admin)
    5. Click install
    6. Done

    This "plugin central" plugin has been a real timesaver for me (i can install a list of plugins with just a few clicks) Please note I'm not associated/affiliate etc. of the plugin, just letting you all know what has worked for me.
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    Thank you for all the information. I had been wondering about this plugin also. I used it on my first blog and it worked great.

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      Oh, i just saw this post.. I was in transition to moving my blog to other platform and thought of removing it from repository. But after seeing lots of request from wonderful wordpress community I’ve added it again. Sorry for inconvenience.

      Just want to assure that, there was nothing wrong with code or security . I’m providing very limited support now as kind of busy with work.. Feel free to download v7.1.0 from official repo...

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