I'm going to get my feet wet. A website.

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Hey Dudes,

I wrote a post the other day about how messed up my head was after all this IM reading.

What I've decided to do is just take the plunge and set up a website. And learn from my mistakes. I feel its the only way forward.

I've found a niche, basically because I have a lot of quality material in that niche, its been lying around here for a while, it was a public domain cd with several books on millinery (how to make vintage hats). theres 10 ebooks and ill just post a chapter each week keep people coming back. run competitions and stuff to try and get an audience???

I figured id basically get traffic from

1: email marketing, build a list.
2: article marketing, get some outsourcing on fiverr to write some stuff in ezine or whatever its called.
3: video marketing, dont know how im going to do this, only thing i can think of is some typography videos.

i hopefully will have a solid site with a following that i can monetize.

do anyone have any ideas how the best way would be to monetize a following like this??

also anyone know the cheapest way to get hosing and a domain? dont have much cash in paypal right now?

also any advice for a newb in my situation going into this rather blind would be greatly appreciated.

anything you could think of wether it be domain name, seo, keywords, what to do before i rush into anything because i figured id get all this done today

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    Very good idea. You will learn a lot. No better teacher than experience and if you never make the leap, you could stay stuck in a rut that goes nowhere.
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    Great work getting yourself to the point of action. That is most important.

    Just watch your time and budget for this first one. Its a lot of trial and error, and take notes afterwards. This will be useful 3 months down the road when you try to make your second website

    Mind-blowing intelligent writing services!


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    Don't rush and try and do too much too soon, sounds you have already thought a little, but take it one step at a time. You wouldn't rush a brick and mortar business plan.
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    Very good point, things can get complicated after reading everything.. Im in the same position and I am going to do the same sorta thing as you have, especially using fiverr!
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    Great idea! Just keep working and money should be coming in very soon!

    Btw, I recommend to get the domain from Godaddy and hosting from Hostgator.
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    That's how I've learned: take the plunge and jump into it head first. You make a few mistakes as you go, learn from, keep going, keep building, keep learning, and keep refining. That's the essence of it.

    From my point of view I think its better to focus on tweaking your site and content first, then when you start getting some traffic you can monetize then.

    I have one affiliate product on one site just because it fell into my lap, is a good fit for the site but doesn't lock me into anything (its more a demographic related product than a niche specific product), and its something I'd buy myself as its good value for the money.

    On my other site the first product on it is actually going to be one I'm developing for it myself. There won't be any affiliate products until that one is up. And it could be a month or two before its ready. Which I'm fine with as I blueprinted that particular site during its initial launch, right down to ... well pretty much every detail (although some are general, others very specific).

    As for the article marketing aspect, there are two opposite ways to go:

    1. Use content from places like Ezines while following their TOS regarding copyright etc. This may be a way to provide supplemental content later, but IMHO starting with it isn't going to attract or keep people's interest - why go to your site for what they can go straight to the source for?

    2. Publish your own original content and use places like GoArticles etc to republish it for exposure, establishing yourself as an authority on it, and the Do Follow links back to your site they allow.

    PLR and Public domain some people embrace. I don't because its all the same: its used on thousands of websites everywhere so PLR isn't going to make your site stand out. Where its written by different authors, the net effect is that it'll also make your site look disjointed as there is no consistent style of writing to it. I'm a content writer, though, so PLR holds very little value to me when I quickly scratch write my own content instead that is 100% unique.

    If you can't write your own material, an alternative is to pick a content writer whose rates you can afford and use him (or her) to write the content for you. There is no shortage of people who specialize in this and who are writers of varying calibre and pricing.

    You usually get what you pay for, but you may be lucky if you do some searching and find someone who produces good content but prices it below market value (and people do this for a variety of reasons). I would start in the Warriors for Hire section before looking on Fiverr.

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