I just had a heart attack.... +questions

by dangle
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I put some amazon associate links into some posts on my personal blog on friday, and I GOT A SALE yesterday!!! She didn't buy the product that was linked to from my blog, but she bought 3 other items, and I got a whopping $1.75!!! I nearly fainted.

This was extra motivation for me.

I've used some of the advice here and found some keywords/niches I want to build some mini sites around. Do I do this on wordpress and do it blog style? or do I make it website style? Also, which is the best seo plugin for wordpress? I see so many and I have no idea. And once I've gotten my sites up, some articles on, and links sprinkled in, how do I get people to the site besides posting on forums and tweeting/FBing about it?

Also...for my offline coaching business, how do I find a way besides offering amazon links to relavent books to monetize online, and how do i incorporate youtube/facebook into it?

Any free ebooks on these subjects that you'd recommend??

Should i ask all these questions in separate posts? If so, sorry. I just saw my first $ and I'm STOKED!!!

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    First off congratulations on your success and I would recommend that you use Wordpress since it easy to use and make blog posts. Some of my favorite plugins are: SEO for wordpress, Google sitemap, seo smart links, and iRobots meta tags. You can search Google ebooks related to your keywords and website.
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    You can create normal Wordpress blog with few blog posts. Then create another page there and use AmazonFeed plugin. Call this page for Amazon Products or Recommended. This plugin will add different Amazon products to this page and if someone buys...you earn money.

    PS! Make sure you add your affiliate account details under Tools>AmazonFeed



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    Congrats on the first $1! Now it's time to replicate that a couple of hundred thousand times a year...

    WordPress is (in my own humble opinion) the best place to start.

    Blogs generate fresh content. Fresh content attracts visitors. Quality content will encourage them to share your site (more links). I would always keep a blog going and put a new post up at least every week or so to keep it fresh.

    Use your site to build a community. Add a forum or a membership option.

    Above all, BUILD A LIST. Give a digital product of value to anyone who subscribes to your list.

    If you don't have a list building mechanism in place... start there. Once that's up, you can start on the rest.

    Hope that helps!

    - Mercer
    Discover Seriously Simple Marketing...
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      Try weebly. You can quickly put up websites in minutes on it. Wordpress is great but takes a while to install and you will have to buy your own domain as well.
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    Congratulations! I remember my first Amazon sale and my affiliate commission was 79 cents and I was jumping around like I won the lottery. My husband thought I'd lost my mind!

    You did ask a lot of questions and my best advice to you is to get really clear on what you want to do online. You talk about affiliate niche sites and personal coaching and a personal blog...

    One thing I've learned is that when you diffuse your efforts you can end up spinning your wheels and not getting much of anywhere.

    I just read the book Launch my Michael Stelzner and now I'm re-vamping my entire online brand and blogging (and affiliate) focus. I wish I would have known two years ago what I know now about launching a successful online business. I highly recommend this book to anyone trying to build an online business.

    Again congrats on that first sale!
    Meg McCormick
    The BackLink Lady

    Come read what I'm writing about at HubPages
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    Is there any way to consolidate Amazon de/uk/us sales?

    *Long time* since I last investigated, but at that time you had to pick one of the 3? Can Amazon now share a single affiliate + automatically find most appropriate Amazon region?
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      Originally Posted by Sitemapper View Post

      Is there any way to consolidate Amazon de/uk/us sales?

      *Long time* since I last investigated, but at that time you had to pick one of the 3? Can Amazon now share a single affiliate + automatically find most appropriate Amazon region?
      You can't share a single affiliate link between different locales but there are a couple of plugins for wordpress, amazon link localizer for one, that you can use.

      On the setup page you just enter your amazon details for your account in each country and the plugin automatically changes your links to direct the user to their country's amazon site.

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    Congrats... the first $1 is always the best.
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    Thank you all.

    I've decided not to go bazurk, and just focus on my one coaching site first and learn all i can.
    Personal Blog: www.okdani.com

    Any Mentors available for a motivated mentee?!
    PM me please.
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