Simple way to Verify if Businesses have a facebook Page

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If your an offliner and you have been using google places.
the removing of the email has prob messed you up.

As i was working on an upgrade/workaround for our software
i was on a mission to find reliable business name / email source.
also in the back of my mind, i know that a ton of people have asked me
to make a reliable business / facebook page finder.

I am NOT ignoring you guys, i will eventually make one, i am just
way, way too busy to add more to my plate right now.

With that said, google is my best friend, whenever i need anything
(including fast cash ) i always turn to google. This time, google payed
off HUGE, and i felt i would share with you guys.

The Jist is this, if you were using google software to contact potential google places
clients, or if you want to find out if a business has a facebook page.
this will help you ...

I am going to walk you through a few simple google searches, we are going to make
sure that A) they are all facebook pages B) Business with emails

Then i will show you how to refine your search to find business in your local area

step 1) open

Basic Generic Search - Yields - Facebook pages w/ emails

step 2) paste this into google and click search

"Email" site:    inurl:?sk=info
The break down

Google is only searching FaceBook

/pages/ is how face book sets up business pages

inurl:?sk=info this makes sure you search Facebook INFO page and we use the URL flag to do it

As you can see there are literally billions returned and the businesses are from all over the world

So lets Refine our search to a specific area I live in Daytona so im going to use that.

"Email:" inurl:?sk=info Daytona Beach Florida site:
as you can see its > 6,800 results 90% Daytona Business owners with a email

Lets Refine our search even more lets look for specific type of business in Orlando
I will do attorneys, because i love getting money from them , and ill do orlando, because
it is a bit larger then daytona

"Email:" inurl:?sk=info "Orlando" "Attorney" site:
625 results

yes you can search by zip code as well

"Email:" inurl:?sk=info "08733" site:
Now if you are more into if the business has a website instead of email keep the search the same
only change the "Email" to "Website:"

"Website:" inurl:?sk=info "Orlando" "Attorney" site:
Here is how you do it if you want a Business that has a website AND email address

"Email:" "Website:" inurl:?sk=info "Orlando" "Attorney" site:
Ok that's enough of that for now. If you have business names and addresses and you want to
verify if they have a facebook page do a search like this

"Wall" site: Interactive   inurl:?sk=info
you don't have to use "Wall" you can just search like this

site: Interactive   inurl:?sk=info
however if you do use "Wall" and the inurl:?sk=info you are basically double dipping your search
and have a larger chance of finding it

If you search via Business name leave the spaces in the name ... if there are commas or any
punctuation , remove it.

You can also search by address like this

"Wall" site: Fatherland Street  inurl:?sk=info
Well that should be enough for you to get started I have picked up little snippets
here and there on Wf and it always surprises me how a tiny piece of info, gives me the ahh haa

I am hoping this give some one that moment

I am always do things like this ( finding stuff that helps my bizz grow )

if you guys want me to make more posts like just this let me know

Rick - Kens Partner
#facebook #google #love
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    OMG! This is awesome Rick. The things available and resources that you can use for free are amazing.

    Newbies needing a quick way to make money could take this and run with it. You can create a email campaign, or pick up that 100lb gorilla (aka the phone) and call on businesses and offer to help them with their social media. Especially the ones that have a small amount of "likes" or don't have a custom fan page.

    Total cost=0 Total investment= your time

    Thanks I will be using this immediately !
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          what a damn good!
          thanks, u genius
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    Really very interested to see this kind of search term. There are some applications are there to find the fan page of the website but it wont work all the times. This is really awesome.
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    Great info!
    I will definitely use it to the maximum advantage.
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    Hey........That's the great information and very interesting also. Thanks for sharing.............It's very helpfull..........Thanks for sharing.......
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    i am glad you all like that info,
    I hope you use it to make some money ...

    Selling Ain't for Sissies!
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      I can't believe I am just seeing this thread. The info the OP just gave us is awesome. A very nice way to come up with some prime time leads. Thank you.

      Grab your Free demo account

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    Rick - Kens Partner[/quote]
    Hi! Just wanting to thank you (so much!) for helping me make my online work easier. Now, how about finding email addresses in websites. I know that they are normally found in "About", "Contact", "Feedback" "Connect" (or else) pages, but what can help find them easily or when not found in these pages? Please help this non-tech freelancer. THANK YOU!
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    reliving this old thread, don't know if Rick is still around but I know Ken and others are, so is there also a way of finding businesses in locations that have a minimum number of likes or followers using these search types of criteria? or ones that have a certain level of engagement/ interaction ?


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    Thank you so much KEN, its a great contribution from you in this forum
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    thing is with this, Im finding that of course 'email' is on every FB page as its at the top of the log in where it says email or phone number as a means of logging in, so it should show up every FB company page whetehr they have their email on there or not :-(


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    Great tip, thanks for sharing.
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