How to market a Kindle eBook WITHIN Amazon?

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No using social media or your own website or anything exterior to Amazon. What are the best ways of marketing Kindle ebooks just strictly inside Amazon? Do SEO principles work inside Amazon, which is the "5th biggest search engine" on the internet where most of what people type into its search box are probably "buying keywords"?
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    Generally, you do have some basic SEO you can do with your kindle titles.

    Just like any other search engine, there are places you should be promoting your stuff.

    Titles should be keyword rich
    Your description can be thought of as your sales page, and like any other sales page, should also be keyword rich.
    Of course, you should definitely populate the keywords section when you submit the product.

    Now, that said, you also have to use some retraint. "Keyword stuffing" is just as bad here as in an article... and may actually be worse, because you're not dealing with other IM folks, you're trying to get your stuff noticed by the masses.

    Think mass appeal, even in the smallest niche. Think about what it takes to be noticed, and what to say in the description that pre-sells the book, even before they do a preview...

    Now, I fully believe you need to be promoting your books elsewhere too. The folks that are the most successful have other places that are generating interest for the books. Given that there are a million titles (and gaining) available for Kindle, you really need to give your books all the help you can.

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    Check out the kindle ebook "How I sold 1 Million Books in 5 Months" by John Locke-some retread but some decent info here, for $4.99 it's' worth it, good luck!

    Mac the Knife
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    Once your e-book is a product on Amazon, you can link to it in reviews and in comments to other reviews using the "Insert a Product Link" button. Just be sure to be transparent and note that you are linking to your own product and explain why.

    Also be sure to make use of Author Central where you can set up your author page complete with description, photos, a feed of you blog and Twitter posts, and full list of your books. You can also create a nicer looking formatted description of your e-book through Author Central.

    I have several other great tips like this in my e-book about e-books called The E-Book Handbook, which is a thoroughly detailed guide to creating, publishing, marketing, and selling e-books. You can find it on my Full Stop e-book website, on Amazon, or B&N. (Sorry, as a noobie here, I can't yet include links in my posts.)
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