Best Free/Paid WP Theme?

by Zesh
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I need to set up my blog but struggling to find a suitable WP Theme.

Are there any good free ones out there?

Or do you recommend a paid one?

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    RE : Free themes - only use ones from within wordpress - free themes on the net are notorious for including malware and other nasties.
    There have been a couple of good themes in the wso section
    keep an eye on the wso as they come and go
    Premium E-Fix Wordpress Theme + WPSumo Framework - Built By Bloggers, For Bloggers are good but their wso is closed -
    offer good value for money

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    Actually, there are alternatives. My favorite "go to" free template site is web2feel (dotcom) for the Fab Series - he has made those without any footer encryption but if you find one of the non Fab Series you like (and they are usually his older templates/pre Fab), the encryption is in the footer. It's easy to get rid of though - see quick steps below, since many people freak out about that code that can be malicious. Web2feel is a quality site though and they're just his affiliate links - but they may not be relevant to you and if the template is free then you shouldn't be forced to advertise for them.

    Anyway, awesome free and quality templates. No nonsense. I use them regularly. If you find you do too, shoot him a little donation for his work.

    As for the footer encryption and how to get rid of it (on just about any WP site), upload your theme to WP, go to admin/appearance/editor:

    ...and where you see [ and ] replace with the lesser and greater than symbols.

    1. Locate and open index.php
    2. Find the include code for the footer. The footer include code is usually like this: [?php get_footer(); ?]
    3. Add this comment code on the top and bottom of the footer code:

    [!-Footer Code–]
    [?php get_footer(); ?]
    [!-End Footer Code–]

    4. Save the file.
    5. Load the theme in a browser. View the source code by clicking View - Source (If you view in IE) or Ctrl + U (If you view in Firefox)
    6. The source code in between [!- Footer Code –] and [!-End Footer Code –] is the source code for the footer.
    7. Open footer.php and replace all the encrypted code from earlier with the actual source code. Yes, just delete the entire thing and paste in the source code.
    8. Modify the footer to suit your own requirements.

    However - while this works for most common encryption, you need to check the functions.php, header.php, and other pages to make sure the php code snips aren't also encrypted. If so, I also advise to find another template.
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    Twenty eleven / Thesis
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    iThemes all day long!

    I love using their templates for designing quick and inexpensive sites for clients.

    However, the real power is in their Builder Themes.
    Zach Waldman - Los Angeles Magician
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    I like to use WooThemes as they give you a massive amount of flexibility over the design of your site from within the WordPress dashboard.

    Probably their most flexible theme to date is called: Canvas

    I'm use that theme a lot for client sites, they like it because they don't feel chained to me for changes to their site.

    WooThemes also have a couple of quality free themes:
    Free WooThemes

    Then you could always design themes yourself using this software Artisteer

    I've created dozens of themes before using that software because you can create something totally unique.

    I've never really liked Thesis Themes, they're very tricky to customize if you don't know what you're doing. You need to learn all about their "hooks".

    StudioPress provide the ultimate in SEO optimized themes (a better Thesis alternative, if you ask me).
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    I bought a Woo Theme yesterday and I'm absolutely delighted. I found I had to tweak the PHP to get it exactly how I wanted it, but now I love my site a whole lot more. Now my site looks professional and I'm ready to take the site to the next level of professionalism.
    ÖŽ FindABlog: Find blogs to comment on, guest posting opportunities and more ÖŽ

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    you can add a customize themes in Wordpress or else you can try themeforest in order to find your desired theme.
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      In my opinion one good method to find a suitable theme would be to visit other people blogs and find out which one is your favourite.

      I found one that I like :

      Anyone know of similar themes by the way ? like a up-to-date kind of gazette, that would be cool.

      I will keep this theme in mind when I build a blog, but for now I will start with normal static free themes such as Twenty Eleven/Thesis.

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    Finding a WP Theme is all about what your main focus will be. There are a lot of magazine type of themes, news themes, and the normal last post on top type of themes. Figure out what your main focus or features you want in a theme and then look for one that fits those features.

    Personally I look for a theme that is structured well and then customize it in the style.php code to give it the look and feel of how I want it.
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    I am also another WooThemes fan. Definitely worth the money. That, or StudioPress.
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    i think paid themes are more secure and more elegante ,
    "FREE"get tons of traffic to your websites, facebook pages , youtube videos, twitter followers, and google + from here:
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  • Profile picture of the author Matt Glenn
    Are you simply blogging or is this also a website for your business?

    I build WP themes for ThemeForest. You can check them out here and if you have one you want to use just let me know and I will send you a freebie.

    Just my way of helping out another Warrior and as a noob here I want to be as helpful as I can!
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  • I'm a big fan of Elegant Themes myself, $40 for the year I think...pretty good deal or is it one time? I'm not quite sure, hasn't been a year yet, but I finally signed up several months ago and they're always adding new themes, so it's invaluable.
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