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Many people want to quit their job as fast as possible and just to work their online business opportunity.

I personally don't agree with it!

As long as the business don't make a steady income more than your income from your job, and as long as there is no saving for min of 6 month without income you must keep your job.

The job will pay your bill until your business can do it. But operating a business without a job and no income is coming in, the business will not survive, that cost to much stress on your mindset and than on your action.
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    I use a lot of my money from my job to invest in my own business. I think it's important to have as many revenue streams as possible unless one really dominates.
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    I agree with your perspective. I started IM to move away from my job and what I discovered was amazing: I ended up putting in 80 hour weeks in my Internet Marketing ventures and by the end of two years, I was grossing around $60,000/year. (Not good! My 40 hr./wk job in the "real world" was bringing in around $120/k a year. So, why did I REALLY want to move into IM???

    The answer of course was the flexibility and freedom it offered...and the ability to work from home. With a little soul-searching, I figured out how to combine the flexibility and freedom of IM with the skill sets of my old office J-O-B to create a new career. What I now do has absolutely NOTHING to do with Internet Marketing, but having toiled in IM opened my eyes to the real world: There's no free ride!! Being a successful IM-er is really hard work!!! Anyone who thinks its a short-cut from traditional work should rethink their intent. It opened my eyes to the fact that success in IM is brutally hard and I wasn't willing to work THAT hard for a measly $60K/yr. I LOVE IM because it re-motivated me: It made me realize that if I were to put the same amount of passion and effort into my traditional skill sets that I had put into building an IM business, I would succeed. Now I have my own consulting business and bring in around $160,000/yr. but I work from home. Internet Marketing was my "boot camp". It helped me re-learn how to work hard and disciplined, and helped me understand that there are no free rides. Thanks to the lessons I learned in IM, I am no longer an office-booooy and learned the discipline I needed to have a work-at-home business. Thank you, IM!!

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    I agree,

    We all have goals. and wants for our business but just because we have the business does not mean we are going to make it right of. I pray first and fallow the lord.

    We need money coming in for putting food on the table for you and your family. I find that I work just as hard or harder at my home business as I do at any job.
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      It looks to me like keeping your job until your business is successful is similar to saving up to start a business instead of borrowing and going into debt to start a business. "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush". Even if your business begins to generate income right away, not too common, it will take time for it to equal your job income and discouragement may overtake an entrepreneur if they fall behind and are not able to keep up with previously committed obligations.

      I know from experience that it's possible to get so excited by the idea of having your own business that one overlooks the reality of the daily investment of time and money, that you can become convinced that you will "make it" so quit the job and go full time. To often the end is that it doesn't work quite like you expected and failure sets in. Now it's time to look for a job again to just pay the bills. Keep the job until you have learned the skills and training to succeed in your chosen business. Much less heartache and disappointment that way.

      I'm sure others will have a different point of view. This has just been my experience.
      David Tampien
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      Prov. 22:1 A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.
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        I agree to an extent but it depends on how much money you require to live on etc.

        Personally, I'm going to put all my profits back into the business or into a business account. Once I make roughly the same amount from IM that I do at my day job each month I'll quit and go full time with IM.

        This will mean I should have a lot of money invested in the business to fall back on if things go wrong and plenty of time to find another job if need be.

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    I was lucky, I didn't have a job or any money when I started my business. I had to find ways to make it work without those things.

    Approaching 5 years in business I'm glad I didn't have a job or any money when I started or I don't think I would be this successful now.
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      Originally Posted by nicholasb View Post

      I was lucky, I didn't have a job or any money when I started my business. I had to find ways to make it work without those things.

      Approaching 5 years in business I'm glad I didn't have a job or any money when I started or I don't think I would be this successful now.
      Yes, same thing here. I started when I had no money and was just attending university. Tried many ideas, failed in most of them. Then came online marketing

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    I simply cannot imagine having a job unless it paid at least 7 figures, let me goof off all day, had full benefits, and gave me all the time off I wanted. My freedom is more important than my security.

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    When you decide to leave your job and plunge into business, make yourself a plan with a deadline fixed. And stick by that deadline as strict as you can be. Problem happens when sometime things do not happen as expected but we keep on hoping it will turn better.
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    The first thing you have to consider when contemplating starting your own business, and thus leaving the creature comforts of the “day job” is: Do you really want to quit your job?

    A job provides a comfortable, structured lifestyle. You have structure at work, usually clear expectations, time off each year, and benefits. When working for yourself a lot of that structure and stability go out the window.

    From the first day you decide to go into business you will be the decision maker for your operation. From your business name, to who you will use as a supplier, to whether or not to hire help, these decisions and more you will need to make.

    Yes you are looking at a flexible time for yourself, but it also entails great responsibility and sensible thinking.
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    Yes it will take longer to work a job and building a business on the Internet, but when you have one income coming in, you will not have so much pressure to survive. But when you have no income, for some people will that be a trigger to make it happen while by other it will stop them to make that income they need to survive.

    So it is total up to each individual how they can pulled it up. For the safety, I say double your business income from your business as the income from your job, than quit and increase your business income more.

    Gudrun Marquardt
    Personal and Business Development

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