Untethering Yourself from the Internet

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I just came across this guy's profile in G+.

Ev Bogue - Untether to Evolve - How to Untether from the Internet

Goes into G+ in late June, announces he's going on a digital sabbatical until August 1st.

On his blog - same story: 'Look guys - I'm out enjoying life until Aug 1 - if you want updates - sign up for RSS feed.' (or implied - can't wait? - buy my book)

Scarcity marketing?

or maybe he's got something...

Have you ever taken an internet sabbatical?
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    Yeah I go camping a few times a year. All that time combined I am off the computer for at least two weeks a year. Not to mention not that I have an android phone I don't need to be on the computer all day.
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      I went out into the mountains last year and even though I had no cell reception, I did manage to find a spot where my kindle could download my newspaper. Does that count? That's the closest I've come in years to being completely untethered.

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    I need to get away from time to time to clear my head. My I notice I get the itch to get back to it very quickly. I love this stuff!!!
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    Hmm..quite and interesting thread, thanks Heidi.

    I had done it a couple of times, usually after I hit my sales/revenue target, being disconnected for a week. Those moments were good, but being a full time IM, it did give me a bit discomfort.

    Anyway, I was actually planning to delete my FB account, but never give it a serious action. After reading the guy's blog, it gives me a second thought.
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    • Technology isn't the problem. It's how you use it that can be a problem.

      This guy found himself hitting Refresh over and over and decided that had to stop -- that's fine for him.

      What's not fine is the zeal of the newly converted, the heartfelt shout from deep inside: "Hear me now! EVERYONE must disconnect or lose their soul!" Hogwash. Absolutely no consideration for the fact that other people are different and (say it softly) some of them are smarter about how they use the Internet.

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      Originally Posted by BIG Mike View Post

      My favorite is going up to the mountains to a lodge we stay at frequently. No TV, no telephones (even mobiles don't work), no computers or radios - just a CD player for parties.

      We get back to nature, we relax, talk, play, but most importantly, we actually interact with each other one-on-one. No deadlines, no checking to see what's up online...we love it.

      A friend of mine has a 17 acre retreat with a quarter mile of creek frontage we go to once a week. Been going there for years.

      No electronics allowed except for the CD player and cell phones. No business allowed during the stay. You want to call your wife to let her know she better have the house cleaned, the laundry and shopping done by the time you get home, fine.

      Don't kid yourself. You need the time off.

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        I like to take a daily bike ride along nature trails--without the cell phone--to make sure that I drag my gaze away from the constant glow of the screen. But when I'm excited about something or have a new project it's really hard to do!
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    I can't... I go through physical withdrawals if I can't get online. I got off caffeine a few months ago. That was hard, but not having internet would make me ill.

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    Everett Bogue used to be a minimalist, so that makes perfect sense for him. He used to have a blog called....I forget. But he's shifted a lot and is big on being face to face, the whole disliking Facebook thing..... having made his fortune (or fame at least) on the internet, I continue to be interested in how he's going to work that out.

    I think he's now got a membership only newsletter...
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