What do you recommend for a website?

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I currently have a website for my business through Freewebs. As you can imagine, not the best website for a business to have. If I want a website that can have video, sell some of my videos/ebooks and have an easy way to have affiliate info, is there a company that provides this at a reasonable price?

I can write the copy, make the changes, etc but I don't know who is good.

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    I use Synthasite and absolutely love it!
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    Just an idea: you can run your own server at home if you have strong enough internet connection.
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        I've got hosting packages with 5 different hosting companies, I have to say my favourites at the moment are Hostgator and NamesCheap, they have a variety of hosting packages and the prices start from pretty cheap.

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        Originally Posted by Stephon "Phon" Rudd View Post

        Not too clear on that but I do know that you would need to put the server in a static free environment. Maybe you can google it to find some answers.
        That's probably the last problem he would have.
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