In the's about the people.

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In the's about the people.

It's all too easy in the beginning to think about how many Benjamins could be made when beginning the IM ride. For me it has been nothing but a huge roadblock in my journey to improving myself. I became a member of the Warrior Forum during the early part of 2008 and the only thing on my mind was how can I make X amount of dollars in X amount of time.

For many people that is a valid question, and I can't argue that point. What I can argue, is for me, my first question should have been how can I provide value to people? How can I truly enhance people's lives and sincerely give a damn about helping them out?

This is now my mission because that is who I've always been as a person, but I allowed all of the carnival speak to cloud my better judgement. My mission is to provide value. I'm ready to begin.

Does anybody have any stories how a shift like this or similar has changed their business?
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    Well even in strategizing on improving your rankings this mentality is the most important of all...How you could really help...

    When it comes to search engine rankings and improving SEO, one should really start by looking at the site from the perspective of the user searching Google. You have to ask yourself Does your site provide the best, most relevant information for a given search term and if not, what can you do to fix it?

    Four your site, services or product you have to analyze it from the client's point of view.
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        Originally Posted by JuniorMarketing View Post

        You know,I really like how you took the time to do this.Thats a very good personality.Some people just care about cash,They don't care if the people aren't happy with what they got.Its because of people that this exist.If everyone think the same way that you do,the world would be a better place

        The good thing about this is those who could care less will get money now but in the long run it will hurt their business.and those like you who do think about value will be attracting more poeple.

        Btw,im a newb.I dont have any tips.All I can say is to provide value to the people,you must "think like the people".You must know them.
        Thanks JuniorMarketing. Regardless of being newer to web marketing you have yourself to offer and that is a great start.

        I have a sloppy signature, so I print instead.

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        The best Internet marketers who really stay for the long term are the ones who are loved by their followers. That's the essence of marketing anyways: to bring to the people what the people need. Just be good at this and the earnings will follow.

        Need a quality, reliable ghostwriter? Ghostwritten content you can be proud of:

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          The reason why people earns their money either online or offline is simply because of other people. We need to treat our customers and clients as what they really deserve from us, the respect and appropriate services that we can offer to them. Most people nowadays will simply think of anything just to make money from other people, and it should not be the case since these people are paying for them to provide them what they want from you. If you treat your clients or customer with respect, you will surely have an increase in your followers. Treat other people just as how you want to be treated by other people.
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            You will only succeed on the internet if you take the trouble to find out what people want. Not what they need but what they want. You then attempt to meet those wants.

            If you look at everything from the perspective of potential buyers of your product or service rather than your own needs and then you over deliver on what you offer then you have a chance to prosper.

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            It is about a transaction and an exchange of value. You offer something helpful in exchange for something you want - an email address or some hard cash. I have experienced business owners that over deliver - they attract followers and are in for the long haul. I have also experiences businesses who are only out to squeeze everything out from you without delivering - these are short sighted businesses who neglect the power of customer satisfaction.

            No business can survive without loyal clients - I think the path is pretty clear for those who are in for a sustaining business.

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    I don't have any stories to share but I will say that having the "how much money can I make" mindset is really a setback. Providing to other people is always what matters most.

    This is the reason everyone should have HIGH QUALITY, UNIQUE content. Not just throw stuff together to make money.
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    Hi suaveymcsuave,

    I noted that you mentioned this early on -

    For me it has been nothing but a huge roadblock in my journey to improving myself.
    ...but then switched the emphasis onto these -

    how can I provide value to people? How can I truly enhance people's lives and sincerely give a damn about helping them out?
    My point is that the first one and the second two are different, but most people replying will focus on the second two. They are all important, but the distinction needs examining further, I believe, because your first point is too important to ignore because I think that it holds the key to overcoming the roadblock.

    Some people find it very hard to adopt an almost altruistic approach (such as the last two) or alternatively a 'giving value' based approach in a very cut-throat business environment, therefore they just forget about these things and soldier on focussed on profit and ROI etc.

    I realise that for many people, the 'make money and that's all' approach is ideal for them, which is absolutely fine, but I'm not addressing them.

    For those who I am addressing, it might be helpful (if the 'pure profit' approach doesn't work) to think about the first one, because it's entirely possible to approach things from an 'it's all about improving myself' angle, while maintaining a kind of selfish (it's all about me) attitude and by adopting this mindset, they won't feel so exposed going into a cut-throat market.

    I hope it's clear that what I am suggesting is purely an approach, possibly a 'mind-trick' that allows a person to enter a market and compete, rather than feeling stuck - as opposed to adopting this as the long-term approach. Instead, I'm suggesting it is a 'road-block beater'.

    Ultimately, one would hope that the majority of people, once they found their feet, would realise a value-based approach in the long-term anyway. I'm just talking about getting over the initial 'hump' and getting started.

    So in summary, to answer the question -

    For me it has been nothing but a huge roadblock in my journey to improving myself.[snip]Does anybody have any stories how a shift like this or similar has changed their business?

    I too hit that roadblock myself some time ago. Simply chasing the money didn't work for me, because I had no real purpose except to become more wealthy, which isn't anywhere near enough for me to stay motivated and content.

    I simply realised that my business and my own personal development were completely and utterly interlinked and that this is why I had felt so unfulfilled in the rat race - the rat race offered no opportunity for me to make a positive contribution to the world in general. It offered no opportunity for me to create something that would be seen as genius or 'ahead of it's time' once I was dead. It offered no opportunity for me to truly express myself or to find out new and worthwhile things about myself.

    In short, it pretended to offer self-development, but it actually didn't and it instead offered self-chosen-enslavement for the enrichment of someone else.

    So once self-employed, to simply chase money was to make myself feel like a slave to the system, exactly as I did in the rat race. That would be illogical.

    Over time I analysed what I really wanted. I discovered many things, way too many to list here. But some examples -

    1) it staggers me just how many people I know who are bored if they are not being entertained, or being spoon-fed something interesting from others. With an internet connection, I could not find myself bored in a million years. There is just so much to learn which can help me to grow as a person, which in turn can be shared with others along with my own unique interpretation. This is so much fun. As you can see, making conversation is never an issue for me! Even without the internet, the gains I have made mean that I am still never bored, regardless. There is a whole world of people and things to explore and understand out there. Effectively, I have become addicted to new experiences and new knowledge. This replaced my previous 'hobbies' which were less constructive and fulfilling and much more like following someone elses path.

    2) it also staggers me just how many people do not savour the opportunities that every new day presents. Unless I have a good reason not to (company), I leap out of bed each morning excited about what it will bring, whether it's new delights or huge challenges. I never knew this way of living until I found true freedom. This came along with self-employment, along with IMing (to a degree) and a desire that means that if I do nothing else, I want to at least learn something new each day, experience something new and grow as a person. In the rat race, these things barely ever crossed my mind.

    I could honestly continue this list all day, but it would be skimmed and ignored by many as a wall of text comprising of incoherent blathering.

    So to keep it short, this approach hasn't yet sky-rocketed my income. I don't own a yacht, an island or some other suitably impressive asset. But I have absolutely no doubt that it will, because I am virtually unstoppable and becoming more happy, satisfied, fulfilled and positive (not an exhaustive list) every day.

    How could I possibly fail?

    Apologies for the length of reply, but I hope that it helps.

    Roger Davis

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      Thanks for your input. It gives some insight to the matter and that is much appreciated. Thanks again.

      I have a sloppy signature, so I print instead.

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    ExRat, that was very uplifting. I enjoy your quote by Dan Kennedy in your signature as well.

    There is no easy way to happiness and fulfillment in this world; especially when the emotional maturity of the human race is still heavily tarnished by an unmerciful and exploitative past. It is great, suaveymcsuave, that you've found reciprocity as a means to your happiness and wealth instead of exploitation.

    Thanks for sharing
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      Hi rushe,

      Thanks for your kind comments.

      Originally Posted by rushe View Post

      There is no easy way to happiness and fulfillment in this world
      How much worth does the 'easy way' hold anyway?

      No pain, no gain. No strife, no growth.

      I'll take the hard road -

      'The journey is the reward.' (Chinese proverb)

      Roger Davis

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    Hey excellent post mate,

    Yes providing value is of immense importance. I would say the whole business of internet marketing is built on quality information. Let it be any niche. From digital products to physical you need to provide good information so that people begin to trust you.
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