Do Solo Email Ads Work?

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Hello Warriors,

I'm wondering if anyone here has had any success with a solo email ad mailing. And if so, which company did you use?

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    Originally Posted by quiescen View Post

    Hello Warriors,

    I'm wondering if anyone here has had any success with a solo email ad mailing. And if so, which company did you use?

    You can try to find some ezines on your niche.

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        I do extensive solo ad advertising in ezines because they DO work. You might first subscribe to a few ezines in your niche, and test them using smaller classified ads. Once your conversion rates are at an acceptable level, then start with the solo ads.
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    Of course that solo ads work ...

    If you have a good & tested subject line, if you have a good & tested ad copy, if you have a good & tested landing page, if you find a proper audience for whatever you promote (BTW, you may want to read also this thread: , if the market is ready for whatever you promote, etc.

    Any type of advertising works ... if you know how to properly use it
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      There exist many Solo Ad blaster site available online but I guess the top ones are -,,

      They are known to have a good track record.

      Please share more solo Ads site which worked for you
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    Yes, solo ads do work really well at times.

    The biggest factor beyond the ad itself would be the publication. Have you tried doing a search in Google for keyword + ezine or keyword + newsletter. (You can probably think of many more ways to search for these as well.)

    One thing I do is take a look at the Compete and Google Ad Planner stats for the website...and see if they have a steady stream of fresh traffic that is giving them good leads.

    It also never hurts to sign up and see how frequently they send their publication out and what kind of content they publish.

    Usually, I will setup an email just for "scoping things out" and subscribe to the most promising publications...then let them pile up for a few months. After that, I can go and look at them one at a time and get a feel for both the frequency of publication, as well as what kind of content and ads the readers are used to seeing.

    This can really help when you get to actually crafting your ad.

    Also, don't be afraid to ask the publisher what their advice is on the best types of ads...many will tell you exactly what they see working...which gives you a huge advantage. Most of them will know exactly what makes their list "tick".

    Hope this helps,
    Jack Duncan
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    Some say "yes" and there are some that say " no "
    I guess one will only know if you just pay for a few solo ads
    to really find out...

    Thanks for sharing...

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      Here is a free resource for trying out solo ads:

      Ezine Advertising: Free Solo Ads (not an affiliate)

      I have used it from time to time for testing new ideas.

      You can send your solo ad up to 5,000 by earning "credits" through reading other members' ads.

      It's free to use, and they also have paid options.
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      Save yourself a lot of time and donkey work and just take a hit on the 'directory of ezines' by Charlie Page. It is as it says - a directory of ezines but you get loads of different ezine niches and all the relevant data about each individual ezine - ie - cost of solo ads, classified ads cost, banner ads and readership numbers etc.

      Being on Charlie Page's email list is also worth quite a bit in my opinion as well as his content is always worth reading and is helpful most of the time. Not only that but as a member of directory of ezines you will also get discounts on your solo ads. It's $197 (when I bought it) but I assure you it's the best money I've ever spent on any IM related product or service. Simple as that.

      PS - you also get loads of giveaway content and pdf reports that you can use as products to give away to your prospective list so all in all it's just a great tool and resource.
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    Marketers repeatedly say that your ad has to be seen 7 times before people buy. When I was doing a traditional newspaper, people purchased ad space in batches to accommodate this stat. It makes sense that solo ads online need to meet that same criteria before you can predict the effectiveness of your solo ads. One mailing isn't going to tell you much.

    It's not so much a question of if they work, because they do. It's about how often you do them.

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    Just checked out Charlie Page and am very happy I did.

    Thanks heaps for that suggestion Sorrellaff!!
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    They work wonderfull. I have used them a bunch to get leads for my affilate programs.

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      Try Charlie Page. His DOE is now closed.
      Anyaway you can find Solos stand-alone modules in his site (a bit expensive but very good).
      You can also try with Safe Swaps.
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    if you want to make some bucks online solo ads is the way to go
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    Didn't emails go the way of the record player? Just wondering...
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      Done correctly, solo ads are pretty darn effective.

      However, you need to have a great email + subject line AND a good landing page set up, so that you know you are getting more in terms of leads/value than you are paying.
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    I believe that solo ads work if you are looking to build your own solo ads list.
    If you are trying to leverage them for anything really other than that, I do not feel they are worth the investment.
    I would feel better investing my money in a targeted media buy rather than purchasing solo ads.
    Just my personal opinion of course, as I am sure some will disagree.
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    solo ads do work well really well and are great for building your lists but you have to make sure that you have something of good value to give away

    There are some excellent solo ads out there which convert like crazy and are full of buyers and there are others which are complete garbage, it`s just a numbers game

    You just have to test and find the best ones to use

    I love using solo ads because i let others do the hard work of building buyers and subscribers and then i just build my lists by leveraging there hard work

    The same with any paid traffic, the key is to have a good converting sales funnel and especially when it comes to solo ads your squeeze page opt in rate, OTO and upsell are very important parts of your system if you plan to make paid traffic profitable

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    Yes, they work, just not as well as other forms of advertising. If you're selling anything other than cheap $7 offers or WSO's then they suck balls. Don't feed into this myth that if you have a really good offer then solo ads are effective, The way I see it, if you have a really good quality offer, why on earth would you be looking to freebie seekers to buy it?

    I promote high ticket quality training programs and I can tell you from a lot of testing that solo ads are absolutely RUBBISH for any such offers. The majority of people on these lists will not pay anything above 27$ - maybe not even that much. It's not always the case - but most often the case.
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    But it depends cause there are solo ads and guarantee clicks solo ads so in just buying a solo from a site you need to know that your results depend on your headline and email copy but with guarantee clicks your results depend on the seller so yes again solo ads work
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    i have had good results with solo ads so far
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    I've ran about 5 solo-ads to date. The "guaranteed click" kind.

    I received a decent conversion rate on my free offer, but I noticed not many sales resulted. It could be my sales funnel, but I noticed after the fact that a lot of these solo ad providers will only send you clicks if it's a free offer. I figure this is because they're sending the ad out to a list filled with freebie seekers, and only freebie seekers. In other words, there aren't very many buyers on these lists.

    In the future, I'm only looking to send out to a buyers list or one that is at least mixed.

    Also, be careful of They sent me untargeted pop-under traffic. They do not offer solo ads as we all know them to be. FYI
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    The name of my company was I have had very good result so far.
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    I'm having good results more with solo ads, and I'm not in the IM niche/market.

    Finding solo ad opportunities isn't hard, especially if you have a decent budget ($1,000 plus).

    My favorite source is going to the industry leading online websites, including popular offline magazines that have huge lists in my niche. These are 6 figure lists that have decent open rates. They usually offer a variety of ad options from classifieds to sponsored ads to solo ads.

    For example, if you're in the yoga consumer niche, advertise with one or several Yoga Journal lists, which is the number one global yoga magazine and most popular yoga website. They have multiple lists, each with more than 100,000 subscribers and many ad options.

    The larger publications have excellent customer service and will work with you. The cost is usually surprisingly inexpensive given the exposure. I'd rather invest in one solo ad with a 250,000 list from a globally recongized brand than spend time contacting 100s of small list owners hoping to get 25 to 50 solo ads reaching the same size of audience. Placing 25 to 50 solo ads to the same audience will cost more than one to a major magazine in most cases.

    If you have the resources, do both (i.e. place ads with the major ezines and smaller list owners). However, I prefer adswaps with smaller lists, which is possible quickly if you buy a couple of solo ads with the major magazines (as long as their audience is a good fit with you and your offer converts).

    DOE lists some big lists, but not all by a long shot. Most niches/markets have global offline magazines that have huge email lists.

    If you're in the IM market, there's no shortage of solo ad options. Going the magazine/leading publication route is great for those of us in non-IM markets.

    If you go with a major publication, ask about the overlap across their lists. If the overlap percentage is low, you can place solo ads with several or all of their lists if it's a fit. The bigger your order, the better deal you'll get. I usually start with a single classified to see if my offer converts with their audience. If it does, I increase the buy.

    I'm scheduling multiple solo ads / sponsored ads with the major magazines over the course of a few months. What I do is create different offers for each ad so it's a new offer each time. I also create a new landing page. I then set up a custom "You're Already Subscribed" page if they're already on my list that directs them to the download page automatically. This way they don't get ticked off if they're already on my list from a previous mailing because they get the new free offer.

    I've done two mailings within one month to a 95,000 sub list with this method and acquired nearly the same number of new subscribers each time. I'll run the ads until the new subs are so low that it's not worth it. I suspect I'll be able to run at least 3 ads per list and probably more for the huge lists.

    You can also go to those huge authority sites that cover several niches/topics. They often have segmented lists by category and those lists are huge. Their ad rates aren't bad. I just bought a sponsored ad with image for a 255,000 sub list for $500 (end of month sale). The downside, is the ad won't run for another 3 weeks.

    I've only started these large-list solo ad purchases 1 month ago and it's working well. My solos are getting scheduled ... usually 3 to 5 weeks in the future. If they continue working as well as they have been, I suspect it's worth contacting a media buyer for better rates ... but then you need to have a very healthy monthly budget ... but the potential discounts can be excellent.
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      Solo ads work, but all solo ads aren't created equal.

      Think of solo ads as someone send an email on your behalf to their list.

      If their list is trash or not a right fit for your offer, you won't see results.
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