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I parked several domains at WhyPark. They were more fun/novelty names than business names, and had been purchased initially relevant to family's interests. Interest lapsed, as happens, so I put them on WhyPark, anticipating to leave them there until the one-year domain name renewal date expired.

Apparently WhyPark automatically gives an appraisal value. Two have "Estibot Appraisal" values listed: $870 and $340.

Does anyone have experience with this sort of thing? Should I contact Estibot to ask them to sell the domain names, or is this a come on for me to spend money hiring an agent?

Appreciate your thoughts and experience.
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    Those auto-appraisal tools aren't accurate. Manual appraisals are not always accurate as well. In most cases, the domain costs exactly what the potential buyer wants to pay for it. This applies to vast majority of names.

    One of the best places to sell domains is If you're looking for a quick sale, use domain forums, but be ready to get low-ball offers. There is no need to hire an agent or a broker. You can do everything yourself, really. It's not that hard.
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    Automated appraisals like the one at estibot can give you a very vague understanding of what the market value may be, based on past sales of similar domains. However, the price you are able to get for a domain depend more on your ability to search and find potential buyers.

    A good tool to use to determine the market value is DN Sale Price- Domain Name Sales Price and History. There you can compare your domain name with domains that have actually sold, and you'll get the range of pricing they sold at. Use this information to decide on your asking price.
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      To Nick and Gene,

      Thanks very much. The information from both of you does help put this into perspective. Interesting, too.
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        Everyday there're parked domains being sold from a few dollars to thousands of dollars each. Look at DNJournal weekly domain sales and you'll see that many sold domains are still parked.

        Besides passive ways of selling your domains - listing at domain marketplaces like Sedo, Afternic, etc, you can be active and seek out potential buyers. Email them and ask if they're interested in buying. Some WSO are based on this email approach.

        Hope it helps,
        Domain Educator
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