I need help with my product review blog Pump Espresso Maker

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Hi Warriors,

I am having trouble deciding whether I should review just one product, or create several product reviews on automatic espresso makers. I am going back and forth and cannot decide. Which strategy has been most successful for you guys - one product review per site or are several product reviews on the same product/different brands successful as well? What has been your experience?

On the same note, I am also having a issue with coming up with a good tag line. Currently, along with my title "Pump Espresso Maker," my tag line reads "Nespresso CitiZ D120 Automatic Espresso Maker Review." I was thinking of changing it to "Reviews, Recipes, & Tips for Pump Espresso Makers" or "Review, Recipes, & Tips for Nespresso CitiZ D120 Automatic Espresso Maker." Any suggestions?

I would really appreciate your help. Thanks.
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