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Hi, I am new to the Im industry and I am looking to make some money through advertising on the Facebook platform.

A quick question:
If I am intending to link my ad to a landing page (using an AWeber-type form on the landing page to collect my customers' details), would it be more advisable for me to host the landing page on my own domain, or set it up on a Facebook page?

Please make your responses as detailed as possible. Thanks
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      I'd say it's really about whatever you think will work best - another alternative is to:

      host it free on wordpress.com (use a url shortner when posting the link on social networking sites otherwise they sometimes get a bit long!) and take a look at this plugin you could use wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-email-capture/ - I haven't tried this plugin myself since I'm brand new to IM, but try it out and see if you like it.
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    It depends on where you're wanting the traffic to go to. Your Facebook page to garner more likes or your website?
    Honestly, I would set up the Aweber code on your own domain and not use Facebook as your homepage
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    I would put the landing page on your own domain with a webform from aweber there. The facebook page could have a form too. You could split test the two and see which has better CTR.


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    i have only ever hosted web forms on my domain, that would be my suggestion
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    Own your website. It's your online hub. Send everything to it. Facebook could be gone tomorrow. Well maybe not tomorrow, but you know what I mean.
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