Can't login to Clickbank today? Anyone else?

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All of a sudden I can't login to either of my Clickbank accounts. Is anyone else having this problem? If so, any ideas why? I tried to call them but they're offices aren't open yet.

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    no problem here...

    any error message... screenshots?

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    I can login,
    No promble here.
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    Nope. All fine, here.

    Clear your browser's cache, etc., and/or try to log in using a different browser.
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    All fine here as well.

    Wait there are HUGE green and grey bars with numbers in my CB account - it's ok I think they are meant to be there!

    Just clear your cache and try again!

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    No problem with me, why dont you try to log in at the other computers to check something happened to your CB account or not?
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      i got the same problem, can't login with all Brownser (FF,IE,GC,O) What's happened?
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    I'm logged in right now. Just refreshed to check and it's still logged in...
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    [Yoda]A problem in logging in, I have not.[Yoda]
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    I still can't login to my CB account? anyone tell me why? and what can i do my hop link still working well
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    I've been able to login several times today without any problems... Not sure what to tell you but hope you get it straightened out soon! Not sure if this would work (I’m not a tech person) but you might give this a try because this helps me when my computer or login attempts act funny (I use robo form now and don’t have any issues)...

    If you have CC cleaner (It’s a utility program used to clean potentially unwanted files and invalid Windows Registry entries from your computer – you can download it for free – just google “cc cleaner” to find it.)

    Once you have installed CC Cleaner on your computer, just click run to have it remove unwanted files from your computer (I use the default settings). Once it has cleaned your system, reboot and see if that solves your problem. Again, I’m not a tech person and this may or may not work, but I know when I’ve had issues in this past, this has helped me.

    Hope you get it resolved soon!


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    @adadsreview: Thank for your help but i still can't login to my CB account after i did do everything,,i don't understand when my hope link still working well, so i tried to signup new account then i can login with this account. Anyone tell me why, please
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    I'm having trouble too! Yesterday I changed my PW & I had trouble then too but I was able to get in finally with my new PW. Today, 9/19/12 however, I can't log in (I even tried my old PW) AND I can't request a new PW!

    When I try to login, the login page will flash over to inside of Clickbank and then flash immediately back to the login page with an error message. It won't even go to the request a new PW page.
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    I'm logging in ok now, but I am getting a message saying the analytics are unavailable due to server maintenance.
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    I can log in. But the Analytics data has not been updated for more than 24hrs.

    Anyone seeing this problem ?

    Thanks !
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    Same here.. I can log in. But Analytics isn't available. Will be fine soon.
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    Hmmm...Let me Check

    Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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    The Analytics data is OK now. Thanks !
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