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If you just record a video on your home video recorder or from a cell phone or something and upload it to the internet, how would you go about adding your website link into the video. I want it to be like when you watch videos on youtube and you see peoples website link flash on the screen as you are watching the video. Would you recommend any particular editing program?
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    Hi Khalil,

    I would suggest Windows Movie Maker or Camtasia - WMM is free,
    and Camtasia has free trial at Screen Capture, Screen Recorder, Video Hosting, and Usability Testing Software

    Then you'll want to "add title clips", or "annotations" to your video
    once you've got it opened.

    Then save/produce the video and upload it.

    Hope this helps!
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    Hey Khalil,

    The other thing you should do that nobody has mentioned yet is put your URL in your description, it's best to have that as the first thing in your desc... just enter the full url, with http and all that... it will automatically show up as a clickable link in your video description box.

    People are more willing to click a link, rather than open a new browser tab and type in the address (I'm not saying don't add your link to your vids... but to do BOTH!!!)

    Hope that helps!

    - Jared


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    Here are some alternative applications to build your videos with: animoto[dot]com and jingproject[dot]com
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