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Hurricane Fay is lookin' like a mean and nasty bitch.

As someone who thought he was safe in Lake Wales, Florida.....I can tell you that 4 years ago....our entire business was destroyed when not one...not two...but three hurricanes made a letter X over our little town over the course of a few months...

Lake Wales.... which is located in the middle of the damn state....didn't get spared.

Charlie, Jean, And Francine.....crippled Polk County, Florida....destroyed almost every business in our town....and I don't much like the current projected track of Miss Fay.

Stay safe Florida Warriors.....where ever you reside in the SunShine state. For real.

Take it from someone whose been there...done that. It wasn't fun.


xxx Vegas Vince
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    Thanks, Vince.

    Currently in South Florida and the amount of rain this is dropping is substantial.

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    Cars fueled up.... CHECK (and ouch).

    Pool lowered 6 inches... CHECK.

    Outdoor furniture and plants in... CHECK.

    Swingset attachments in garage... CHECK.

    Hurricane Shutters? Not for this one... (crossing fingers).

    Generator? Haven't even cranked it yet... (crossing fingers).

    Good luck to all,

    Brian <- Miami (near The Falls)
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      I am from India.... Can you please elaborate- How bad can it be at its worst?
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        Well, not that I expect it here, but during Hurricane Katrina I was still a reporter and I went to the town of Waveland Missisippi, which was basically smashed flat. Houses that were on the waterfront, huge, beautiful, houses, were sucked off their foundations and completely vanished so there were all these clean shiny foundation slabs where houses had been the day before. People drowned from the storm surge...a MILE inland. People drowned in their attics. Near the water there was street after street where all the houses had been reduced to kindling.

        I'm starting to worry a little, even being here in Orlando in the center of the state and far away from the shore, because I just realized that the rather unhealthy tree next to us could take out the house if it fell over. Granted, I'm just renting, but I'd prefer not to go out pinned under a giant tree trunk.

        Originally Posted by lakshaybehl View Post

        I am from India.... Can you please elaborate- How bad can it be at its worst?
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      canned goods,
      fill the bathtub(s) with water


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        During Hurricane Wilma (Which screwed up my city pretty bad) in 2005, I got so frustrated from not having any internet access and/or power, I took an axe and axed my way out of the neighborhood (trees were laying in the road blocking the way to drive out).

        Then I took off and went to Orlando for a week! What a nightmare.

        Still in South Florida and ready for anything. I would much rather deal with a Hurricane than an Earthquake.

        I have been in South Florida since 1992 and have lived through every single hurricane since, just fine. Even the worst one...Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

        But of course, as Vince suggested, you MUST stay safe!

        TIP: Oh, and stock up on charcoal and/or propane! It helps to be able to cook all those canned goods when you have no power! Unless of course you have a generator. 10 gallons a day in gas to run the thing gets pretty darn expensive though. And there's nothing better than having a barbecue for everyone when the power goes out.
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        Hey Vegas Vince,

        I live in Port Saint Lucie. I came here from Key West a little over 6 months ago.
        I also was in Polk County during those 4 hurricanes. Living in Lakeland.

        I guess the both of us are hurricane prone.

        The forecast as of this writing is we'll get anywhere from 2 to 6 inches
        of rain and somewhere near 60 MPH winds.

        Looks like flooding is inevitable.

        But a little prayer might help.
        So, I'll say a couple to all my fellow Florida Warriors.
        Hope it helps and that everyone in the path of Fay is safe
        and without any loss of life or property damage.

        So, good luck everybody who encounters this storm.

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          Appreciate the good thoughts, all...

          I'm on the left coast between Fort Myers and Tampa, apparently right in the path of Fay. Right by where that ******* Charlie came through. We moved down a little over a year after Charlie did his little jig up the harbor, and there were still a lot of blue roofs.

          I imagine the ratings for the Weather Channel will be right up there the next couple of days...
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    Thank you for your well wishing!

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    And stay tuned to the set.

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