ExitSplash Breaking My Buy Buttons!

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Hey Guys,

I've got ExitSplash installed on my sales page.
When somebody exit the sales page, we pop open an optin page - awesome, works great.

However, when people are clicking "Add To Cart" it's popping up an optin page because it thinks they are trying to leave the page.

How do we fix this! I'm going nuts over this little problem. Seems like it should be part of the standard training included with the product. I can't find Dave Guindon's help desk either.
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    Hey Anth,

    Hmmm... Is the "Add to Cart" a link or image button on a page you control?

    If so, try this workaround:

    Copy the following code to the inside of your HTML Head Tags:

    HTML Code:
    <script type="text/javascript">
    function DontPopUp() {
      window.onbeforeunload = null;
    Then, inside your "Add To Cart" link (anchor "a" tag) or image (image "img" tag), place the following:

    HTML Code:
    For example:

    HTML Code:
    <a href="http://YourSite.com/AddtoCart.php" onclick="DontPopUp();">Add To Cart</a>
    Now, I don't know for sure if it will work. I use Exit Splash and haven't encountered this specific problem.

    Theoretically, it should however; as the "click" from the "Add to Cart" should fire the Javascript code before the page reloads, or unloads.

    Let me know if it works for you.

    Also, I'm not sure, but I think Dave Guindon's help desk or support area is in the same place where you set and modify the code for Exit Splash.

    Hope you find this helpful. No Charge!

    - Jay
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    Here's a link for the support page - Dave Guindon Support

    Hope this helps.

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