any good video making tool ?

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I am making a video for my website using default windows movie maker ,,, i am wondering which tool u use for making videos ?
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    there are alot of video making tools out there.
    im using the windows movie maker too but you can use the video spin blaster is nice too

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    You can you use ProShow,animoto,adobe premiere and the one that i use the CyberLink PowerDirector 9.
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      I'd like to recommend

      They offer a free 30 second video clip (you can then attach this altogether in Windows Movie Maker).

      The interface is simple. All you have to do is upload videos/photos and they'll took care of all the animation, effects & stuff, including the background music.

      A neat tool for all those newbies around!

      Hope this helps!
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    Animoto is my pick, although I have to admit that I wasn't aware of the free services.

    Jaycut isn't accepting new members at the time of this post.
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      I'd like to recommend the TrueKat Show, here is the link: TrueKat Digital

      Compare to Animoto it has a few benefits:

      - You are getting the movie in real-time - there is no waiting at all. It is easy to tweak the text and the speed of presentation. Everything is on the fly.
      - There is no monthly or yearly fees
      - It support Full HD export and direct exporting to YouTube and Facebook
      - TrueKat is releasing new visual styles on a regular basis
      - You can even make stereo 3D presentations if needed
      - The full feature list is here Products

      You can check their samples here: Gallery . You have a choice of choosing the fonts and colors inside application which makes even better results. I have it so if you'll have any questions I'll be glad to answer them.
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    If you're looking for a video creator that will allow you to record the actual screen on your pc/laptop then give camtasia a whirl.

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    TrueKat Digital? i will try that one. Thanks!
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  • Profile picture of the author royljestr is pretty good as well
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      Originally Posted by royljestr View Post is pretty good as well
      Thanks for the plug royljestr!
      We have plans for resellers (starts $59 a month) to make unlimited, HD videos. Happy to take questions via PM.
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    i would have to jump on board with the Animoto recommendations. If i am putting together a short promo for a sales page, or a product review, i use the animoto free short video service, its enough to entice people in.

    if i am doing anything of a longer length, such as in-depths reviews, or video training, I always use Camtasia.
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    I love camtasia! It just rocks for screensharing videos!

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    I recommend Camtasia. It has the best professional results, gives you a ton of options, and is great for screen casting.
    Its avaliable with a free trial for 30 days so you can try it first to see if its for you.
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    Camtasia is good, it's all i will use for my screen casting videos.
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      Windows Movie Maker is sufficient for many projects but I find that it tends to blur text in screen capture videos so if you are doing those look elsewhere.I use AviSynth but there is a big learning curve.
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  • is almost an exact clone of Animoto, but it has less restrictions on allowable usage.

    Additionally, is less popular than Animoto, so its effects will still look fresh. Animoto is just so passe these days... you can see an Animoto video in many FaceBook walls. Not really enough to impress most clients right now.
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      Better looking results than I could get.

      I don't have to learn any software.

      Saves me time.

      Joe Mobley


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        Camtasia is great but it costs $300! That is a lot of coin! CamStudio is Open Source (FREE!) works just as well the only draw back is it doesn't have as robust of editing features, but Windows Movie Maker will work instead.

        Also a lot of people use PowerPoint for videos, if you don't want to fork the $$ for MS Office you can create the same slide shows for FREE using the Impress product in the suite.
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    You can use a site called Jaycut which is a free video editor tool and it's pretty awesome. I use it and it works great for me
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    Originally Posted by punjabi View Post


    I am making a video for my website using default windows movie maker ,,, i am wondering which tool u use for making videos ?
    Adobe premiere pro is very good for video editing,Adobe premiere pro video editing software lets you edit faster with true native format support, but if you using a mac I suggest use final cut pro, since it is use by many professional Film maker and video editors.
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