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How to make your own product to sell online?
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    Think about something that you are good at that most people have less knowledge than you about. Then think of a way you can convey that knowledge to others in a way that brings them real value that you would feel justified in charging for!
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      Your product could be a book describing a special IM idea, a service that you could provide to other ppl, or a software that you could probably create (an Iphone or Android App, etc.).

      After defining it, you have to make some good graphic design to make it seem as a product, and create a good landing page that will convert your visitors to buyers.

      There are many places to add an IM product and lots of ways to promote it. However, the one that I -and probably all internet marketers- would propose you is post it as a WSO and let other members of our field evaluate it...
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        The easy traffic is non IM traffic.

        Once you forget about the IM traffic, you'll see thousands of new opportunities to build new products.

        As an example, the crafts/hobbies industry is a billion dollar a year industry, with millions of people that don't care how much money they spend on their crafts/hobbies projects.
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    You can source products from China, buy in bulk, and sell them at a better price than your competitors.
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      Provide a solution to a problem. It's that simple. Well you have to put some effort into creating an ebook, videos or PDF. Purchase a PLR (Private Label Rights) product with the intention of rewriting it and brand it. You can search in Google for Private Label Rights sites. Of course; creating your own product is much better. Spend some time in forums to find out what people are asking for. Give them what they want.

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    Write a very informative research paper... turn it into a video... turn it into an easy to follow instruction manual.

    Waalaa... you have a product in any niche you want.

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    The most common product people create is ebooks. You can create informational ebooks on pretty much anything to sell. You could also do video courses or audio courses... honestly, a product is anything you create that other people would want to buy.
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    The only thing you need to create a product is more knowledge than your customers. If you can help anyone do something easier, faster, quicker, or better, then you can turn that information into a product.

    One of the first things I bought was a product that told me how to install wordpress. I had heard so much about 'one button installation' and all the jazz. The seller created a simple, four page eBook that I gladly paid $7 bucks for and would again. Now I can create a new site in less than 5 minutes (including installing a new theme and all the plugins I like).

    Are You Ready? It's Coming!

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    Think of something that is out there, and think of way it could be better. Start from the top, with seemingly ridiculous improvement suggestions (i.e Create one button which would do everything) then work your way down, breaking that ridiculous idea into singular, realistic aims. (i.e Create one button that will upon request do everything specified in an existing step).

    And so forth. Eventually, you will have designed a storyboard of a potential product, be it an application or an informational course.

    Don't be lazy, and work towards achieving it.

    You can use merchants, such as Ejunkie, Plimus or for easy delivery and payment processing of your product.
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    1. Read this article by my friend, Dean Jackson (sadly his only one so far lol, I'm definitely taking over it soon):

    Cut Paste Profits —

    Then I'd work on traffic, copywriting, and listbuilding. You need the product to actually apply the things you'll soon learn


    P.S. It can get confusing trying to figure out how to "organize" a product. I'll make this really easy - simply create a giveaway (or very low cost item), your upsell to a reasonable product ($37-$67 depending on niche, you'll also have to test), and a high end product. Then you can start working on the funnel before you start driving traffic.
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    You should start by doing some reading. There are many free ebooks on how to create products and a lot of great ideas and instructions are out there. You should hone your marketing knowledge and tools before you dive into creating a product.

    The first step, whether anybody likes it or not, is to READ, READ, READ. I am sure we have all pretty much started there.
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    rsachetti said it best. "Provide a solution to a problem."

    Ebook sales on different niches have skyrocketed over the years. Downloadable software seem to be the hottest of the hot these days.
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    You can create your own ebooks & sell it online easily. Its the most easy way.
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    I mainly use Camtasia to record 'how to' videos, and then upload to Amazon S3.

    Easy stuff.
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    Internet marketing isn't only about internet/online products.
    If you have some money to spend, developing and selling an actual, physical product can be much more profitable, especially if your product is not priced dirt-cheap.
    It's going to be more expensive to produce and market though, so it will probably take you longer to break even and even longer to start seeing profits. But I think it can be totally worth it and it has the potential to bring in more money quicker!
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