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Along with building my current website, I'm interested in purchasing a website that makes around $50 a month with google adsense. I'm having a hard time finding something I can trust. A lot of the sites I've seen on flippa look like a joke or are a little too scammy. Any advice where I can find a legit one and what I should expect to pay. I heard somewhere around 8x the monthly earnings, so im guessing for a $50 a month = buing price = $400?

Any insight or leads would be great!

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    $400-600 is what you should expect to pay. Now where to find such a legit site is hard to do and am in the same position as well...
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    There are real good sites on Flippa making even more each
    month, but yes, it can be challenging knowing which ones are
    genuine. I would suggest the following guide from Flippa
    themselves on how to find good genuine sites:

    Pro Website Buyer

    It's an incredibly good guide... and it's 100% FREE,

    Kingged.com Coaching and Partnership Program
    Is The ONLY Coaching Program That Does 99% Of The Work
    So they EARN while they LEARN

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    Hey Guys,

    I`m selling legit money making micro niche sites but got a bit lazy lately.
    I used to have about 2 sites / month but now I`m at 1 per 6 weeks or so.

    Currently I have only 1 buyer which I work with but I can surely add you to my emailing list in case he stops extending his portofolio.

    If you`re interested send me a PM with your email and I`ll get back to you when I have more websites for sale.

    My inventory consists in websites making from 30-150$/month in adsense and the prices range from 9 - 12 months depending on earnings.
    I will provide analytics + adsense for at least 2 months when I have something for sale.

    I just had my sale 3 days ago so the next one will probably be in maximum 2 months, because i just started a new batch of sites with higher potential ( expecting over 150$ per month )
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    I also work on building and flipping sites with adsense earnings. I have a site currently up for sale that is making around $30 per month. It has a lot of bidding interest and is currently at $145 but think it will take the BIN price of $300.
    I would expect to pay between 10 and 12 times the monthly income.
    A word of advice always make sure that you check out the analyics and the adsense screenshots.
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    Always look at the reason for selling, if they don't have it listed, ask them. This is usually a good indicator of their legitimacy.
    EXPLODE Your Sales! The PREMIER Copywriting Service on WF<PM ME!
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    Thanks for the feedback guys, this is going to be tough because I want to protect myself from getting ripped off.
    At Manifest Income our mission is to Help You Build A Business That Matches Your Passion.

    We offer: Free Business Plans, Web Design, Online Marketing Training, Mentorship, & Support!
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    I also have the same experience. I have the doubt that some the sites found with flippa is using the forged income and buying such kind of website is really bad idea. If you are serious about buying the website ,ask for verified analytics or temporary login details to view the real time data

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    why not just try to make your own?
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    you should have take a look on a guy name TryBPO, he's really active in flipping adsense site https://flippa.com/users/342387

    but unfortunately his site always sells more than 15x monthly earning on average

    nothing to put here..

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    Yup i hate it when people try to fake it on flippa. But this does not mean you cant find quality sites over there.

    Did you try other sites to buy websites ?
    You can try warriorforum.com or forums.digitalpoint.com for the same.

    Regarding price it really depends on the earning or potential - normally ranges from 3x to 12x of monthly earning.

    Ashish Thakkar
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