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by Eduard
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I’m interested in your feedback on the sales page concept I have so far for an information product, based on your experience with sales pages.

This sales page would contain video (PowerPoint plus audio narration) and text, as it follows:

1. The first 15-20 minutes of video would be a few powerful tips/ideas on the same topic as my information product, to give value, build trust and create curiosity;
2. The other 5-7 minutes would be a presentation of the information product, building on the tips I have gave and encouraging purchase;
3. Under the video, there would be the text part of the sales page, presenting the information product in more detail than the 5-7 minutes of the video presentation (including bonuses, testimonials etc.)

Potential buyers would get to this sales page either via a squeeze page (the first part of the video would be the bribe to opt-in) or via banners/links on the sites of affiliates.

So what do you think: is this a good formula for a high-converting sales page?

I’ve seen similar stuff an a few other websites but I have no idea how well it really works. I know testing is important, but it would save me a lot of work if I start this sales page with my best foot forward, and then only fine-tune it.

Thanks in advance

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    I think it depends of how good is the video, check CB video sales pages that have the highest gravity.. I'm sure you will learn something from them, copy their style and test.
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    Too long video may affect conversions.
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    Just remember if your going to create a video.. use the ABC formula...

    "Always Be Closing" and make sure everything in your video is there to help SELL your product and make sure every slide or idea LEADS into the next one thus making the visitor watch the entire thing.

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    Eduard, you need to study direct response and advertising before creating your own "formula"... you'll learn what you have to do which is much better than guessing.

    A sales video is still sales copy. You need to keep your reader hooked with a big promise... build curiousity... desire... make your offer, and close.

    Obviously, that's a heavily distilled "formula" and you need more information to get into specifics. But if you learn how to write a good sales page, you can create a good video script.

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