Can someone suggest auto blog posting software?

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for some simple software to automate posting to a Wordpress blog network that I subscribe to but don't own. Incansoft's Blogbot didn't work because it's purpose is to open accounts for you and autopost rather than autoposting to your existing list of blogs. Blog Dripper didn't work because, while you can import your list of blogs to post to, you must own them because you're required to upload files to the root domains.

In a perfect world, the software must:
1--Accept my existing list of 500 or so Wordpress blogs.
2--Require only blog url, username, and password.
3--Post to a handful of the blogs per day, per campaign.
4--Preferably support spun content.
5--Preferably be a one time purchase, rather than ongoing monthly fee.

Really, I'm not trying to do an SENukeX type of automated assault. I'm just trying to make some of the grunt work I do every day easier.

I appreciate any help you can offer.
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    Yes, I know of such a software. Please send me a PM and I can send you the link.

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      Originally Posted by hpgoodboy View Post

      Yes, I know of such a software. Please send me a PM and I can send you the link.
      You do? PM your affiliate link please
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    I recommend WP-Robot, works well for me, its a pricey plugin but it has a lot of power.

    Want to partner with me? Contact me via PM and lets chat!

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    WP robot is good..
    You can try it..
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      hpgoodby--I'm brand new here, so no pm's yet. Post the link, if you don't mind.


      joshua and bluelotus--I'll take a look at wp-robot. Thank you!
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        I highly recommend WPRobot. It works very well and has many features such as yahoo answers, amazon clickbank and etc.

        It is basically an all in one tool that you can't miss out.
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    Thanks for the replies everyone. For those recommending wp-robot, I did take a look at it. It seems you do have to upload files to your wordpress blogs. So, with wp-robot also, you must own these blogs.

    I wish this network was mine, but it isn't. Does anyone know of any software that doesn't require files uploaded to the blogs--just url, username, and password?

    Thanks again.
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