When To Start Promoting Products To Your List??

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Hey Warriors. The Way my Autoresponder sequence is set is I give 9 emails of value with hints to the product I'm promoting in 3 or 4 of those 9 emails. Then on the 10th email I give a through presell of the product and at the end of the email I have a link to the merchant page for them to buy.

Is this too early on or too late. Should I show the link to the product more often??

I also have 5 backend products that are spaced about 5 to 6 emails apart with the same structure as mentioned above. This is the dog niche by the way.

Do you think I should promote more often and earlier on or less often and later on??:confused:

Thanx for the help. You guys are awesome!
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    Promote more often and include at least 3 links in each email. The more links inside the email you offer, the higher your CTR is going to be. I have tested this with my 200K list and believe me, it works. Never be afraid to SELL your product, if you give good value and lead to something better, people will buy.

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      Originally Posted by JoshuaWriter View Post

      Never be afraid to SELL your product, if you give good value and lead to something better, people will buy.
      Very good point. I think many are afraid of their list members unsubscribing, etc. and they shouldn't be. They are potential buyers afterall.
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    Originally Posted by Sharingan View Post

    Do you think I should promote more often and earlier on or less often and later on??
    More often and earlier on, probably.

    You have to test it for yourself, and see what works, obviously. But like you I'm mostly in "non-urgent" niches (i.e. I'm not dealing with "house foreclosures" where you have to sell to someone almost immediately), and after my testing, I'm promoting much earlier than you.

    I send email on days 1, 3, 6, 10 and 15 (and thereafter at 5-day intervals) and usually put the first promotion in the third email, and after that I'll promote things in one email in three (sometimes a little more often).
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    I usually promote only once a month. Make a series leading up to an awsome product and then when the time is right shoot your subscribers an awsome offer. Usually works wonders
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    great comments warriors, i have a query?

    when you say promote often to your list.....are your list sizes very big?

    i have just started out list building 2 weeks ago, i got a list of 93. (I-M Niche)
    so far.

    If i hit these with lots of promo offers, i'm afraid the list will drop to 0

    any help would be great
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    I've noticed many of the IM gurus are now sending 2 or 3 emails in succession for the same product promotion. This is a tactic that I need to implement at some point as studies do show that repeated exposure to a product does increase sales.

    In some cases it takes as many as 7 exposures before people buy, but I wouldn't recommend you do that with your list.
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      There are varying levels of promotion, from a quick tip in a PS to the all-out blitz. I believe there should be some kind of promotion in every email, even if it's to something free and non-commercial (like a blog post or YouTube video). You want to get your list members used to clicking on links you send them, and do it anticipating something good will happen when they do.
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        Affiliatemarketingdotcom offers a product on his "thanks for subscribing" page and he says it generates some profit. Can't remember the figures but it's obviously worth doing. I'm also concerned about scaring off my list (93 in 2 weeks - I wish!) but I am going to try it. I think if it's on the thank you page and then the next few newsletters sent have little or no promotion it should be ok.

        Don't forget, unsubscribing takes effort! I'm on loads of lists I don't want because I can't be bothered to unsubscribe, but every so often a good subject line gets me reading them again.
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    Most studies show that it takes about seven communications to make a sale, but you should try to make a sale right away in most cases (there are certain exceptions like a product launch).

    15% of the people who enter my funnel buy from me the very first time they interact. That's not a lot, but they go onto a different list because they are my hot prospects and they tend to spend the most money.
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    You can email every day as long as you don't make it solely a pitch or even content... the secret? build relationships.

    Tell them stories and keep them entertained... and use it as a lead in for your product. If you can do this right, your list will WANT to hear from you... AND the plug you have for your product isn't obnoxious. Myself and other marketers have been testing this and it's outpulling your standard "pitch" emails like gangbusters.

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      super comments once again warriors. i will defo take your advice.

      dreamboy commented, "93 in 2 weeks i wish"

      is that a good effort then? i thought that was poor for 2 weeks of list building. cool if its not, it means my coaching program is working......

      cheers warriors!!!!
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        As mentioned, it is always best to test what works for your subscribers and product offerings. What I do is send emails every day with a regular mix of valueable info, tips, resources, free downloads, stories, jokes, and hard-hitting affiliate product promos. The frequency of email promotions is perhaps much lower on the scale for consideration than quality content, consistent over-delivery, and never disappointing your subscribers.
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    Shouldn't it depend on your list and not some formula?

    One list may be expecting something immediately.

    Another list may never be expecting a promotion, although an advertising sponsor in a message may be acceptable.

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