I dont know which picture to take out.

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My website is too long...
but I don't know which picture
I can afford to loose...

so, maybe some of you guys
could give me some advice on
which picture, or pictures can be
let scrapped.

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    After just glancing at it for 20 seconds, I think you could take off all of the Keynote screenshots. The second half of the page looks much better.

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    Looking at it from a customer's standpoint, I think that page is just too gimmicky.

    1) All those Fiverr fansign type pics are so irrelevant and strange when you're selling educational products. What's worse, this particular image didn't even get the URL correctly.
    2) The 'story' part where there's a beige piece of 'paper' is such a waste of screen real estate when you could've just used text straight away.
    3) Your header banner isn't captivating and loaded way after the other elements loaded.
    4) No call-to-action until wayyyyy below the fold.
    5) I'm sorry, but your sales copy - as a whole, including the 'testimonials', are filled with punctuation and grammatical errors, ironic and doesn't bode well for a product that's supposed to teach English to non-English speakers. Your potential readers are supposed to be good at those things and they'll notice that RIGHT AWAY.

    That's one of the challenges when you're selling academic-based materials, your potential customers are skilled enough to see those mistakes right away and throw your product's credibility out the window.

    I strongly suggest you remove all the pics right now and read the text only then edit/rewrite from there. Rearrange the sequence of your copy and choose images wisely.

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    It's not too long. The images are too large. Just resize them. Also the beginning part that looks like a series of Power Point slides (all the jpegs) is not SEO friendly. Use type instead and the search engines will be able to read it.

    Paragraphs that are type set
    centered rather than left justified are difficult
    to read beause
    the reader's eye can't go back to a single,
    justified edge on the left.
    If you legt justify those paragraphs you will make
    them much easier to read.

    The bold font is more diffitcult to read in long paragraphs. Bold works great to emphasize a line or two of copy.

    The site is good. It just needs some graphic design tweaking.

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    I recommend that you remove book’s pages pictures and use text only in good style or resize the pictures
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    Starting from the top:
    The Youtube video is far too big. It's only text with nothing on there that requires close scruitiny. Make it half the size and put the social bookmarking icons beside it.

    Start your page with some introductory text. Short and to the point - something to tell me, the reader, why I've come and for Google to get it's teeth into.

    In fact, the text from the dark brown box would make a good introduction.

    Remove all those boxes - aaaaargh - why do I need an entire screen to read "during my time in Japan, Taiwan, China"?

    I suspect that this is a website that kind of started small and just grew?

    I scrolled down and it gets better once you reach the sales letter bit. Just lose most of the stuff above it.

    Do you even need that youtube video? Put it at the bottom.
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    Thank you for the helpful tips...
    I will edit this sometime this week when I have
    some free time...

    Thanks for everybody who left a suggestion.
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  • Profile picture of the author Ansar Pasha
    Sigh... Davids comments are right on the money.

    Why do you have pictures of random chicks holding signs? (One of them looks terribly photoshopped)... if you're trying to sell to professionals, get rid of all the images and just make your case without all the videos and gimmicks.

    Use the time tested principles of copywriting to make your point. A video and fake testimonials won't help you sell to this market. Besides, a few of the slides loaded and there was nothing I could see that actually needed images, you could just use normal text and subheads.

    I highly recommend getting Brian McLeod's "effective copy" product - you'll get all of David Garfinkels copywriting templates for about $250 if you unlock the whole thing instead of getting 1 section every month... and you'll end up with a far, far better page than you have now.

    Please don't take this personally, just trying to help out a fellow warrior who's (probably) drunk too much guru kool-aid... lol

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    The bottom half of your site is very interesting but the text boxes almost made me lose interest. There are so many and they are a little repetitive.
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    Wow that is a long page. i'll simple say that you may want to consider making some (most) of the pictures smaller.

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    TIFFs are so much larger than JPEGs, why would you want to do that?
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    If I don't get a site with ADSL in 10 seconds then that tab is closed. "Kaput!"

    You have way too many big picture that did not make it down. Restructure or perhaps better edit your images and create low quality versions to download fast.
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