Social Media for Firefox Extension *Updated for Firefox 3*

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Brief Overview:

The tool is the the ultimate time saver to building powerful social media accounts. One of the secrets of top Diggers, Stumblers, Navigators etc... is being the first to submit stories already becoming popular on other social news sites. For example you can browse Reddit to find good stories already submitted and be the first to submit them to Digg. You can browse Digg and be the first to Stumble pages that are becoming popular there. Most if not all articles on the front page of Digg are submitted to StumbleUpon and will get a lot of Thumbs up. If you were the first to Stumble that when the page reaches the Popular page for its tags and category on Stumble your account will be the one listed next to it, which will give you more friends and fans and so on.


When browsing any of the mentioned social news sites, currently Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon and you will see icons appear next to each story Title with the submission information. If you are scanning Digg it will actually check the story url for you without you having to click through to the actual story. This is what will help you sky rocket your account. You can see every stories details without visiting the story. If you are working on your Reddit account, scan any of the other sites for soon to be popular stories and submit any stories that have not yet been submitted to Reddit if you feel they would do well there. Remember every story is not meant to be popular on all sites, each site has its own set of bias. If you want to submit stories to Digg scan Reddit or or StumbleUpon and find popular stories that are not yet in Digg's database. StumbleUpon is getting a lot of attention right now, have you noticed that almost all stories popular on Digg are submitted to Stumble usually by the time they make it popular. Those stories will get a lot of "Thumb Ups" and if that is your account that submitted it that will help you gain more traction.

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here the link to instal and download
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