What Converts Best With Indian Traffic ?

by Jason Fulton 14 replies

My website is focused on Internet Marketing & affiliate links and recently i have been receiving a lot of Indian traffic via google.

What programs or opportunities have you found that converts Indian traffic ?

Thanks in advance

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    Fire Water.

    Truthfully.....the Indians have done a great job of converting Vegas Vince.

    I've dropped several lifetimes worth of money into their various casinos.

    xxx Vegas Vince
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    • LOL! Around here, they're pretty popular around the 4th of July, since you can buy firecrackers from them.

      Originally Posted by VegasVince View Post

      Fire Water.

      Truthfully.....the Indians have done a great job of converting Vegas Vince.

      I've dropped several lifetimes worth of money into their various casinos.

      xxx Vegas Vince

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        Well I don't know much about India but I do know they LOVE their cricket.

        I don't know if you can find any cricket offers out there but I think that would do quiet well.
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          There are quite a few Indian internet entrepreneurs these days so they may be interested in money making products. Most of the people that would have found your site will be able to read and write English.

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          Yeah...probably try Cricket, Study Abroad programmes, Movies.

          Life is not a sprint, its a marathon. A bad start does not really matter too much

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            Being from India, I know the mindset and mentality here!

            People just don't know what IM is!

            They don't even know what Internet Marketing is, but that's another thing! What I really mean to say is that if you really want to make money from Indian people, you will need to do something special. Give them a low cost offer... and then over deliver.

            Just remember, if you would charge $97 for a Video series generally.... then consider charging 27 when you are selling it to Indians.


            Becvause of the difference in purchasing power parity. I still remember the days when I was vbroke... and getting started. I had nothing but a dream and any free information was Godsend!

            So give them a lot of information for free. And get someone over here at WF who is an Indian to translate your course into Hindi! I am sure a lot of people would love to do that for you.

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          Originally Posted by Tristan Bull View Post

          Well I don't know much about India but I do know they LOVE their cricket.

          I don't know if you can find any cricket offers out there but I think that would do quiet well.
          Tristan... I'm not sure.

          In fact I am sure.... that this won't work! Because the kind of services people already have here are enough for Cricket overload! Tune3 into any TV channel... and there's cricket talk at least half the time! Sachin Tendulkar is a superstar and Symonds is a dragon!

          So money making products might still work... but people won't pay for learning cricket! I am mpore than just Sure about this
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            Hello All

            Another Indian (who lives in India) here.

            Indians are pretty choosy about their buying decisions. A recent study showed that Indians buy music, cards and to a lesser extent, apparels online. Some of these guys do, very warily, spend on "make money online" stuff - you have to gain their trust by overdelivering on great free content and gradually coaxing them to buy, starting with lower cost products, and then moving them up the scale, as they start earning money by following your advice.

            I also know they are pretty paranoid about giving out their credit card numbers online, so adapt your sales letter to reassure them on this.

            Being an Indian myself, I do sell to fellow Indians, but I do it by showing them what works, handholding them for a while to help them get set up, and then gently reminding them I can make their life easier by offering my services.


            I am a Jack Duncan Fan!

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              Hi ,
              I am also from India. If you are getting a lot of indian traffic ,it means people are interested in your offer or content. It is true that most of indians are shy to flash their credit card , but there are a growing segment who buy a lot of online stuff. If you go to some online business sites like ebay.in , rediffshopping , indiatimes shopping etc you can see a lot of people are buying despite the high price ( you can get a lower price in offline market).
              So it is possible to cash on indian traffic if you do some research on these sites, if you have an indian address people will surely buy from you.
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              If you have a work from home kinda site, I think most of your Indian visitors would be either Indian housewives,students or men who are already comfortable with computers.

              If they searched and found your site with an English word, I don't think you need to translate your stuff into Hindi.

              Like Tristan said, a cricket landing page with a quiz would work great or an Indian movie LP...followed by a offer which does not require a CC.

              Or, you could gradually scale them up, first, by being the buyer(ask them for articles, forum posts,blog comments) and pay them up yourself. Once they see the money coming in, they'll be more than willing to part with their money to learn other techniques to earn more.

              Like someone else mentioned, online education/schools/colleges CPA offers might convert well.

              Alternatively, if you can figure out which part of India they are coming from, you could put up local biz/attractions/tourism advts. I think adsense banners might work best.

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                I just ordered a bunch of movie DVDs from this site (haven't
                received them yet, so can't tell about their efficiency):

                Bollywood DVD online, Buy Hindi Movie DVD at discounted price

                Notice they have an affiliate program too

                Hope this helps

                All success
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                  I get a lot of traffic from India, but I find they don't have the money to buy a lot of stuff. A lot of them are looking for ways to make money money online and some have found it I'm sure.

                  A lot of outsourcing is going to Inda and they are not dumb. They see the money being made by those hiring them and want some for themselves. There is a big technology focus in India and they work hard and long for little pay. I hear the pay there is improving a bit especially in technology. Companies are recruiting and I hear that there is a big retention problem.

                  Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. -Winston Churchill

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                    India which has access to internet is cosmopolitan in nature

                    Just Follow the trend - just go to most popular shopping sites for India & look at most popular items. Best option is, test and try - if its free traffic.

                    Good Luck

                    Love Your Life, Family, Passion

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    India is a low cost economy, still.

    To appeal to that traffic your offers must be no cost or low cost. You could try some CPA (cost per acition offers) whch reward yo when the prospects takes some action eg fills in their email address in a field or submits a quotation request form etc.

    You could try such CPA networks as:


    Alternatively, India has a rich heritage in music and movies. You could try the affiliate offerings from that type of site.

    But I'd CPA is a good way to go as there are many CPA offers that provide freebeis to the propsect ... anything from free shampoo smaples to free cosmetics etc. And that will appeal to your market. But 2 things:

    1- you need to clearly indentify your type of traffic. Indis is a subcontinent after all with a billon people! If you fail to identify your prospects you will lose a lot of time and waste lots of effort.

    2- Your challeneg will be finding CPA offers that allow Indian traffic. Th evast majority target the US (naturally). Sometimes I'me challenged to get ones that allow Europe or the UK!

    But I'm sure you'll find international offers, just not as easily as the US offers.

    Good luck
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