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is it me or is facebook down?

tried from various connections ie desktop and mobile - nada..

no doubt if this is the case twitter will follow...

as long as this place keeps going i will be fine! lol
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    It is up for me

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    cheers guys!

    perhaps its just my area i cant access it or twitter now either...
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    Imagine the worldwide panic if Facebook had a long outage. I've got friends who wouldn't know what to do with themselves. I swear they're checking Facebook 24/7 from their phones & laptops.
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    No. not at all. face book is functioning very well.

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    Everything is fine here. I can open Facebook normally
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      Facebook is fine in here. I have to agree with you JSProjects, that there are people who revolve their world in Facebook. Every hour, minutes and possibly every day, checking their updates, friends, comments, and so on. I can't imagine the time when there will be an outage of Facebook or Twitter because of connection problems, probably they would go berserk and are capable of tearing people apart, lol (I'm just exaggerating a bit with that line, though)
      But reality will really tell us that more and more people are into social networking where they can establish friendship and even make friends from other countries through chatting and games.
      Probably the connection is just having some problems, because Face book here is good and running.
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    isup.me to check any site but FB rarely goes down, delete your cookies always
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