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Hey fellow warriors.

sometimes folks unsubscribe from your list and leave some (nasty) comments.
Sometimes No matter what you do or what you mail, you p*ss off someone...and they bail out...

I´ve been literally laughing my a*s off from some comments they leave when they unsubscribe!

Some examples:

"Your pic makes you look like a crook" (well, it kinda does!)

and some of them are also p*ssed of with aweber: (I use aweber with all my lists...)

"looks like everyone else's rubbish.... aweber is the new spam organization...."

Then there are some fellow affiliates who don´t want me to recommend clickbank products:

"I'm Clickbank Affiliate and I Do Get Paid!"

I just have so much fun sometimes with these unsubscribes!
...And that´s one way to know someone is reading my emails btw

It would be awesome to hear your best ´unsubscribe comments´ so Feel free to share them!

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