Making a list and checking it twice!

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Hey there!

So I'm very new to this IM thing and I want to get knees deep into the whole thing. From what I've been reading you need to commit to one thing and invest your time into it.

So I've chosen to make a list, from the bit a looking around I've done I haven't found too much info on solidly where to start this list (and I mean basics I am very new)

So what I'm here to ask today is what to do? I'm willing to invest time and my goal is to have money to help me through university and the huge tuition fees that come with it.

So if you could all find it in the generosity of your heart could you send me in the right direction with the bare basics and where to go from there and i will be a happy man.

Thanks a heap in advance,
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    Hey, that is great that you started to look around...

    In the WSO section you'll find a lot of resources. Some are free and some cost a few dollars.

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    great advice from you both I'm definitely looking into these suggestions however I'm not sure at all at how I can get my service ideas out there. Is there any specific way to get noticed quickly so i actually have a steady small amount of income
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    i've actually dabbled on fiverr in the last few days but haven't really uploaded a gig of value, i guess I could go back there and refine my profile and make it look more appealing. Now of any gigs anyone can do and anyone will bite on?
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      Originally Posted by samplaw View Post

      i've actually dabbled on fiverr in the last few days but haven't really uploaded a gig of value, i guess I could go back there and refine my profile and make it look more appealing. Now of any gigs anyone can do and anyone will bite on?
      I saw someone offering a free choice of another gig when one is purchased... I thought that was a good idea...(for fiverr)..That will make your gigs more appealing..

      There are better ways to build a list however....

      Like forum posting
      blog commenting
      Solo Ads
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    Hi samplaw and welcome to the Warrior Forum

    Something important I wanted to give you a heads up with right away is as you build your list, be really giving and give as much value as you can before swinging towards sending them to affiliate offers. I have noticed alot of the big list owners are starting to "rape" their lists so to speak, and its a bad trend. It takes longer to follow this mentality, but the long term pay-offs would be a bigger, happier list (or lists) with more buyers

    Peace and Prosperity
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    Welcome to the WF, Sam!

    You're in good company! We have dozens of high school and college students here on the forums! And even more who might be older, with jobs, careers, families, their own brick-and-mortar mom-and-pop who are just getting started in IM! So keep browsing through the forums that interest you, not just the 'Main Discussion' forum; you'll find them - or they'll find you!

    Most of us, I think, started in affiliate marketing, either with a blog or static content site. Beyond that it goes off into as many directions as there are members.

    I chose my niches because I'm passionate about them and could talk about them for hours, day after day, and never get tired or bored with them. Others chose the product they want to sell, them build their keyword research and model around it. Either way works. And with the ridiculously affordable startup costs for registering a domain name and hosting, you can scale up either model, or flip them any time you want and start with something completely different.

    The key, though, is to think carefully about what it is you want to do, develop your plan, and focus your time and attention on action that will advance you toward your goal. (BTW, "make a lot of money" is NOT a plan. That's you destination. What you need is a plan that deals with specifics about how you're going to get from where you are now to where you want to be.)

    With school re-starting in less than a month, you've got plenty of time to invest some "brute force" time so you won't need more than a couple of hours a week during the school year, and absolutely, positively no more than an hour a day.

    Meanwhile, you might be able to pick up some good reading material through the local library - but don't count on it because their budget has been pared down repeatedly over the past generation and anything worth reading necessarily has to be less than 2 or 3 years old, or maybe a decade for a few exceptionally good ones. (Look for that thread on books.)

    STAY AWAY FROM THE SHINY OBJECTS! There are plenty of free reports, you really don't need any of the "high-priced spread" or any premium software to get started. When the money starts flowing, though, you have to re-invest a chunk of your profits to make things easier - but not to get started. Worst case, you'll have to spring for registering your domain name ($10 or less per year) and hosting (initially less than $4 per month for a single domain on a two year contract, about $10 per month for unlimited domains on one account),

    One other interesting thing you may not have noticed yet: it's the nature of niche marketing that almost none of us have (much) competition - so we have a vested interest in sharing what we've learned, So don't be afraid to ask ANY question here.

    Scheduling time might be a problem - and you WILL have to get a certain amount of co-operation from your family and friends. If you're a "morning person" you might try getting up earlier; for others the best time might be immediately after classes, or after din-din. Experiment with it and be flexible. Learning as much as you can, maintaining the highest GPA your can is more important than IM!

    If you can fit it into your academic schedule, you might get more out an elective in Journalism or Mass Communication or Public Speaking. All of those give you basic training that's a real money-maker in IM!

    I would also recommend keeping a journal, or systematically documenting everything you're learning, everything you're doing - including 'why' you chose one option and not the other. This helped me enormously with the "information overload."
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    You could check out The Challenge « The Challenge they have free info on most that you need to know. A new round is starting on september 1.

    Also like superwhammy wrote assessing what your good at and trying to sell that as a service is a faster route to income ( well depends on what your good at) than making a steady income from niche sites.

    Also I would highly recommend having a day to day checklist. I use and its helped me greatly. Not having to think on what you want to accomplish during the day makes everything go faster. I start each day with making a list or I end each day with making a list for tomorrow.
    Excellent product, Excellent support, great for affiliate marketers (Amazon, ClickBank etc)
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    The fastest way to income is to sell services probably articles

    If you can write good quality articles get busy and charge $6 for each one and start earning

    If that is not the idea for you , here's a post that has warrior giving their best ideas to earn from the internet
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