A serious business threat?!

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The title should be A serious business Thread typo

I just come on here from time to time but it seems like the majority of the threads on here are just Q/A.

Who's up for a "tips" thread, maybe everyone contribute a useful secret/tactic...

Here's one of mine...

One of the best ways to make money is from other peoples' work, I'm not talking about plr but one of the many things you can find on the internet.

For instance... I use Flippa all the time to find profitable niches that I can jump into. Flippa is the tell all of a website... free access to analytics, income reports and stats, what more could you ask for

I found this gem a long time ago https://flippa.com/69754-cardobserve...s-card-gallery

The owner created a website that showcases business card designs which provided link back/credit to the source. 100% free and doesn't cost a dime to run, minus the hosting fee.

He generates over $2,000 a month from other peoples' work. The way he generates revenue is from ads. Where can you find people to buy ad spots? Buysellads.com which is what he uses.

It didn't take me long to replicate his business model with my own spin... Now I have an easy passive income source.

Need to generate traffic for the website? There is ton of designer resource/related websites to generate traffic from... Such as Deviantart.com which is also another great site to find Free psd files/graphics which you can use for you own designs (just make sure the license allows commercial use)
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