Paypal problem. Any way out?

by timwal
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Hi warriors,

I just made my first sale on flippa but my client insists on paying with paypal even though i've already stated i can only accept alertpay and western union money tranfer.

My country is not accepted by paypal so i dont have a paypal account also my client says the only way he could pay is through paypal.

Is there a way around this?
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    See if they would like to try it through an escrow service? Make sure it is a trusted one though. I think the buyer insists on PayPal because they are wary of being scammed. This is not to say in any way that this is what you are trying to do; but in today's world people will often believe the worst until proven otherwise as a defense mechanism.
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    Hello Tim,

    This is something asked often. It seems the only solution for you to receiving the money over a friend of you, who is from a country that can use PayPal. I hope you've oversea friend that you can trust for such a thing.
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