How to expand a new small business (online graphic services) aside from using PPC ads?

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I recently launched an online graphic services business on the internet, getting 100% of my traffic from PPC ads from Google and Bing/Yahoo.

My conversion rates are good and I've pulled in steady profits over the past few days. (average 200 a day the past 3 days)

My question is... what now?

I looked into affiliate marketing but sites like CJ won't accept any newbies or small time fish like me.

How else can I promote/market my services?
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    Actually they do accept you. It depends on how you approach them!

    Skype me and I can help you.


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    I contacted CJ, no response from them.
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    you can get into facebook paid ad's - very profitable and if you build a list first and then build a relationship with your list you can market your services and make a killing

    I use Neverblue Global CPA / CPL based performance Affiliate Network and Lead Generation for CPA and Affiliate Products - or ClickBank if you want to go after information products

    hope this helps

    Mitchell A ~

    To your success,

    Mitchell Assin

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    NO doubt look up a keyword on google keyword and find a phrase that will get you a x amount of visitors monthly and get on the first page for it! Obviously it sounds easier than it is but it will be worth the effort in the end.

    p.s. 'web design services' gets 14.8k exact searches monthly...try that keyword.
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