What Should I Look For In A Coach/Mentor?

by Danyelle 15 replies
Hi Warriors,

What should I look for in a coaching/mentoring program?
What are the basics I should expect?
What services should I look out for?
What is a reasonable price range?

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    I would look for someone who gives you a good amount of information for free and not expect anything back?

    And - maybe willing to share some of their money making ideas so you could see their strategies?
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    Originally Posted by Danyelle View Post

    Hi Warriors,

    What should I look for in a coaching/mentoring program?
    What are the basics I should expect?
    What services should I look out for?
    What is a reasonable price range?

    Hey Dani,
    I'd look for someone with *provable* results from their own business in an area you want mentoring in. I'd also request references from previous clients because it doesn't always follow a successful marketer makes a great coach.
    Lastly what is the coach promising to do for you? To get to $x a month...increase your business by %?
    Price - that's a big question. You can pay $500 for a months mentoring upto $10,000 or more. The guys charging the big bucks are usually proven in their area.

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      All of the above are giving you good advice.

      I've had, so far, 2 mentor programs, at $5000 each. No regrets.

      The thing that is most important [aside from selecting someone who is rich and very successful] is to find someone with either a technique/writing style that you admire [my first mentor specialized in Hypnotic Copywriting, a particular fascination to me] or has a similar approach, style and ethics in their way of marketing or copywriting.

      Then you get hold of as many marketing tools from your mentor that you can get. Study the heck out of each one. Then do all you can to pick your mentor's brain.

      Next comes the secret of mentoring: once you feel you've learned all you can from that one particular mentor, move on. Don't keep pouring money into a mentor who has already given you whatever he/she has to give - just be ready to move on.

      You will never forget that mentor. You will always feel a bond with that mentor. This is a good thing. Cherish and nurture this part of mentoring forever.

      Hope this helps,

      "Sell the Magic of A Dream"

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      If you look really hard, you'll find some really good mentors here for decent prices. There are a few people here who care about the success of others, without overcharging them.

      Of course, check their references and see how successful they are first. You'll want someone that you have easy access to and is available for you when you need them. As long as you hold up your end of the bargin and follow their direction all should be ok and mentors should be very receptive to you.

      Before finding a mentor, you must first narrow your search to see which IM entity you want to persue.

      Best of luck to you
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    I know I am new to the forums and such; however this is the question that has been bugging me for a few months now. If the mentor/coach is so good and could show or assist you in becoming profitable why dont they make up a contract and say that 90% of all profits over xyz months are there's? I know my major fear is being scammed or buying one of these eBooks that does nothing but sit on my desktop. Hopefully I am getting my point out there. I know a few people personally that have said they make a killing on IM one of them is my XO. However no one will lift a hand to point me in the right direction everything I have found so far has been done the hard way learn read and try. Loose some money rinse repeat. So over the past 5 months I have managed to spend 3.99 a month and make 1.60 well that’s not good math that’s a loss of $2.49 a month. I know it’s not allot and I am not looking for a get rich scheme I am just trying to make even 1 cent profit then I will be 100% devoted. I know this is long winded and all again hopefully I expressed my opinion. If the coach/mentor was so positive in giving people success why not just assist them and take the first few months of profit as payment? Am I out in left field on this? Thanks for your input
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      I would look for someone who gives you a good amount of information for free and not expect anything back?

      And - maybe willing to share some of their money making ideas so you could see their strategies?
      Here is the thing about free - people don't appreciate it. I know, I know you're different, but 99% of the people don't put the stuff into action or appreciate the effort of the person giving them the advice if they charge nothing.

      For you to expect someone to give up their stuff for free after spending years delevloping it - well that isn't going to happen.

      You have to spend a little money to make it. Think of it like this - you have a problem and they have the solution. All you have to do is take what they teach you and apply it and start making money.

      If I charged you $500 for a 6 week marketing mentoring course and you made $3000 off of it how many times would you be willing to trade $500 for $3000. As many times as possible.
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    You need to do your homework since some people offer coaching but are really under qualified.

    Ask for recommendations and you should get a lot of good names. Check the person out. Be clear on what is expected out of the coaching before you start.

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      I'll answer your question based on my own experience as a coach and mentor.

      As a mentor, I won't charge anyone anything, because a mentor should be someone who 'guides' you to think for yourself. When you have a very specific question, i.e., 'how do I FTP a site' that's easily answered. But if your question is, 'how can I start earning $2,000 a month in 30 days or less' than you need a 'game plan' and that's where a coach comes in.

      Why won't coaches coach for free. Well, my first and foremost reason is that people associate 'free' with 'of no value.' This leads to 'insecurity' about the advice.

      Plus the student doesn't take action, because if the coach is just 'giving away the game plan to anyone and everyone,' than there are no 'secrets.' Which there aren't anyway. The only secret is that you need structure if you are going to have any kind of longevity.

      The perceived value of 'free' being worthless leaves the student feeling that the coach probably doesn't know what he or she is talking about, and so the student takes no action, or worse, 'challenges' the coach on everything and just overall aggravates both parties.

      When you stroke a check for $10,000 to someone for them to TEACH you, you know you respect them and your respect for what they have to teach you gives you the follow through you need.

      If you have nothing on the line, you don't have to try. You won't lose anything if you don't. Put your money on the line, and you know you need to follow through, or you lose your money.


      OP, sorry your thread was hijacked by this, and to answer your question. Look for someone you 'connect with.' Who teaches in a way YOU learn.

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        What Should I Look For In A Coach??

        ....Make sure it has a decent set of wheels
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    You can get worthy mentors in the WSO section of the forum. Amy Bass at Thenicheblogger.com is cool.
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    I have a mentor - Alex Jeffreys

    I have been with him for a couple of months now and it is the best decision I have EVER made.

    Alex made over $500,000 in 2008 so I know I am in good hands, Alex's coach is Mike Filsaime so I know he is in good hands !

    I have lost money trying to make money online for a LONG time, since starting my coaching I have made over $3,500 with my blog and this year I aim to become a full time marketer

    Do I recommend getting a mentor ????

    On your life I do !!

    Best of luck

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    Would agree on what has been said so far, try to find a mentor with proven results from their own business in a niche that you have great interest in. Try and find some solid references or teestimonials from them to assist your judgement. Also take a look at the promises that are made toward you in terms of results, can they back it up with evidence? And always be wary of the price required to get the mentoring, determine the quality before buying! Good Luck!
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