If I Were Starting Out Fresh....Tomorrow

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Hi Warriors,

I'm helping a gentleman set up an online business presence and we are going with affiliate marketing. The guy I am doing the work for has some money to spend and wants me to find all of the proper tools to immediately be able to launch websites effectively and efficiently.

I have learned internet marketing the hard way and am just now beginning to realize profits from it. I've been working when I can on it for around two years now and it took a lot of studying out the free information to get to where I am, so I'm not sure exactly what products and software I need to build his business from the ground up.

I need to drastically shorten that learning curve....tomorrow. If you will, please give me a thought out list of the tools needed, such as a blueprint business model that I can scale and replicate that does not involve anything other than organic traffic(no ppc, ppv, etc..) seo tools, site builders(or best places to build affiliate sites such as wordpress. I don't know if there is anything new or not on the market.) Link building tools, and any other tool that is absolutely essential for success.

I know you guys/gals have a lot of wisdom, and helping me in this venture, I can't express enough gratitude. I look forward to reading what you fellow warriors are using to make money, and I mean any kind of money. I don't care if it's only a few bucks.

I'm not asking for any niche information, as I am pretty competent in that department. All I want to know about is business model/blueprints, and software. The man I'm doing the work for has some money to spend, so top of the line no b.s. products that actually does what they say it does is what we are looking for, from folks who have experience making money with those products and business models.

Thanks again, Michael
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    I understand what you are wanting to do but the lists of answers could fill pages, but the fact remains that there is no fast learning curve. Its none of my business but I hope the gentleman of which you speak has some really deep pockets because he could certainly need them. I think that you have done things right to stay with as much free stuff as you can learn from and obviously here on the WF is a great place to learn. What you are wanting to do equates to have just learned to swim but now you want to compete in the Olympics. I mean no disrespect and I admire you for what you want to do, and to make money from it, but it seems as though you could be a little over your head. But if your friend understands your level of experience and wants to proceed anyhow, then go for it. Having read your other posts you already are familiar and have some of the tools that you will need in IM and I would probably add scrapebox and possibly even senuke if you don't mind the monthly costs. Be careful because there are probably as many opinions about tools as there are stars in the sky. I just thought of something. You should go a thread that I am following. Go to the search tab on WF and type in Chucky and of the list that pops up his will usually be the first thread on the list. He gives so much detailed information that it will blow you away. The surprising thing is that he wants nothing in return. Just check it out for yourself and see if you agree with me. Just be aware that it is pages of information and videos. Extremely detailed. I hope this helps and let me know how things are going. Good luck to you. Jimmy

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      Thank you for your reply Jimmel. I myself understand that the learning curve in this business never straightens out, and I have explained that to him. All he wants right now is a list of the top tools and a proven and newbie friendly, in depth(so easy a caveman can understand it) blueprint that is scalable.

      I myself, haven't bought any new products since last year, so I have no idea what really works as promised that has just come out. I leave on sunday for a month and wanted to leave him with a list of toys to play with(he's retired)....and some common sense on internet marketing.

      He realizes that he isn't going to get rich over night, nor is that his goal. But if he is going to do it, he wants to do it right the first time. I don't have enough time to go through everything that is available and make comparisons for each product, but I know that there are folks on here who know exactly what they are doing and what is working and is going to continue to work.

      All I am asking for is a list of tools and blueprints that actually are being used right now by my fellow marketers, nothing in depth, just some things that are going to simplify my clients desires to make it in the industry. I meet with him again tomorrow night(first meeting was tonight), so if I have a list of things that work well when I get there, it simplifies that process so I can get down to teaching him.

      He has the money to spend, where as I didn't. If I can get the right tools right off the bat, plus the right blueprint, then with the experience I do have I can help him set up a few sites this week to where he has a grasp of it and can begin to tinker.


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    hmm... I would suggest a CPA business model to copy and work with .. its a pretty easy set up .. all you have to do is find a hot topic - build a site around it - find a good CPA offer that will convert - build a list from that site so you can build a relationship with them - then make money off the CPA offer sign ups' and maybe some affiliate sales depending which niche market you get into.

    that or an Affiliate Marketing business model

    which is more work ..

    but what I think your friend need's is to maybe invest in a service where all the work is done for him from scratch to finish and then maybe teach him how it was all set up and how it works. Then moving on from that point to where he can replicate that success and maybe expand for himself

    just some ideas .. I run a pretty straight forward business in that direction but were not live for another week or so ~

    feel free to add me to skype if you want to know more - I'm working with a few clients before launch so if you want to get a review on our services let me know.

    Hope this helps ~

    Mitchell A

    To your success,

    Mitchell Assin

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    I have 12 plus years of marketing online. At the beginning I learned an awful lot about tools and marketing. However, I spent thousands and thousands of dollars and it looked like no end in site. I did at one step back and discovered an amazing simple thing. It does not matter where you are in the process at some time a person will realize what he really needs. I like you had lots of tools scattered all over the place. What felt was going to be beneficial to me was to have a marketing platform that I could go to and have all the tools necessary and all the teaching and instruction I needed in one place. I wanted a platform that had been around from the beginning of the internet to the now because I felt they had already establish themselves with the tools needed and methods to follow. So I finally after lots of research luckily found the marketing system that I could use with any company, product, service online and aways ahead of the marketing curve. Today I would never recommend anyone who has a business online without using the marketing platform I use today. It is an integrated social networking email marketing platform. You can skypeme at physical2006. Your asking for a specific link and I am always very hesitate to mention links in the forum but just Google Manuel Washington follow your senses for a marketing platform. That will solve all your problems as well as your clients.

    Manuel Washington
    Internet Marketing Consultant Of The Future
    phone:479 619 5964

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    Hey guys, thanks so much for taking time to answer my post. I will be contacting you further after talking with my client tonight. What I'm looking for is a program that is going to allow him to not only understand what he is looking at but be comfortable stepping out knowing with confidence that the method he will be implementing is already a proven money maker.

    What I truly want is a variety of answers on different programs that I can go through with him on, so he can make a better informed decision as we go through them. I don't need links, or use this cause this is the best type of statements. Just the software and business models that make money with in depth information on how to set up his sites.

    Once again, I more than appreciate your responses. I don't have the time or money to really go through everything on the market. But if I have an idea of what is working, and it doesn't have to be an overnight wonder, it just has to work.

    I am a firm believer in taking it from start to finish, utilizing research on all levels through to setting up sites. But I learned it all from piecing the necessary information together and that has taken me a couple of years. If there is a program that has a start to finish blueprint, that actually works consistently, that is what I am trying to set him up with so he doesn't have to search and search until he finds a proper method.

    I think most of the research type tools, I have covered already, but a blueprint/business model, specifically aimed at affiliate marketing using the various methods and explaining exactly how to do the various methods on getting free traffic is what I truly want for him.

    I appreciate every ones help on here, because I definitely am not a know it all by any means, and if I had the answers I wouldn't be asking such a newbie type question. Everybody always talks about how much they spent on products that don't work. I know that there are products that work, all I am asking for is a starting point.

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    Sounds like a WSO in the making ;-)
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    You say you don't need niche information. Surely that's the starting point anyway?
    If you advise your 'client' on niche selection first, then get him set up with, say a blog related to that niche, then you can leave him to start creating niche related posts for the site. Even if you don't publish them yet, they will be ready for when you return.

    Beyond that, the subject is too huge to give you a simple answer about 'which product' to do it all.

    There's still Traffic Generation, List building, SEO, and all the other pieces of the jigsaw to gather together and put in place.

    Finding Free Traffic advice is not difficult. There are many threads in the Forum to help here, and even more info in blogs. Simply Google Free Traffic and read the blogs that come up.

    You say money's no object, but I know that some of the most expensive 'tools' simply aren't worth the money, and you'll find that Warriors are reticent to recommend something unless there's a financial interest involved.
    You're client would be better off following a newbie proof coaching course, taking him step by step through the process of business building.

    I have sent you a PM with a recommendation along these lines, which I hope will help.

    If you're leaving him to 'get on with it' while you're away for a month, there's a grave danger of him falling foul of the information overload problem.
    You may also find that he's spent a mint on magic products while you're away.
    I run a limited free newbie coaching course (fully booked), but I wouldn't dream of leaving my students alone while I was going to be absent for a month.
    I don't think that there's a single all-in-one package to do what you want.

    He needs coaching and mentoring in a constructive, 1-2-3 step process, thus avoiding the usual mistakes, and speeding up the learning-to-earning process.


    Now where did I put that pencil?

    Time for a cuppa.
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      Your client needs coaching program that would walk him through the steps and allow him to follow step by steps all the actions that matter

      From choosing a profitable market , to build a list , to building a relationship with the list , to promoting products , to doing product launches and repeating the process

      He needs to prevent information overload , a thousand and one emails form all sorts of people recommending one product or the other

      That is the enemy focus on executing one program at a time

      If he is going to earn money , he is going to create products or services

      Focus on product creation , list building and get affiliates to converting product

      3 most important thing that product owner should focus on

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