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I appreciate all the help I have been receiving from Warrior forums and its wonderful members. I would particularly like to thank a few people like Richard Van, Amanda T. etc. Right now I have some time at hand but no work. I cannot post a warrior for hire thread as I don't have $57 to invest. ( I am not a war room member yet). I have posted a couple of gigs on Fiverr but no orders. Can you suggest what are my best options to get some work as it is important for me to make money.
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    Well.. If I were back at the starting line I would start with selling a service ..

    I would then save money up via paypal and then expand by getting into paid targeted traffic to boost your sales then pay out sourcers to help with the extra work load

    then I would create a product and promote it to my buyers list ... or get into CPA

    you get the picture hopefully

    follow your heart and do what you would enjoy to get the hang of things .. if you fall - pick yourself back up and don't give up!

    To your success,

    Mitchell Assin

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      Hi mate,

      Create a free blog either at wordpress, blogger or a web 2.0 site out.

      Research easy keywords you can rank for.

      Write articles.

      Build backlinks to them.

      Do this while work is dry!

      All you have to do.. is DO IT!

      Thats the hardest part tho =)

      Also forgot to say monetize with adsense or amazon!
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      Do you write or are you into writing articles? It is one way to earn money online by providing articles with words ranging from 100 to more than 1000 words per articles, and of course, the rate varies as it depends on the quality and the number of words. Do what you are interested to do, since online work requires patience, determination and hard work. And also, never be discourage and never give up on what you are doing, even though your earnings at the start, is just as minimal as you expected.
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    I would also suggest you look into article marketing (bum marketing) methods in order to build some passive income while you figure out which services you can provide.

    Being inventive when you are first starting off for instance approaching a few more well known marketers requesting work in your specialised field or indeed offering your services at a competitive rate will also build your authority and your client base quickly.

    I think its already been said above but more than anything massive action to see big results :-) Good luck!
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    Go to Amazon Mturk and find some jobs there.. they pay very little sometimes but since you are free and have nothing to do it might be worth a shot
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      Hi Sid,

      I'm away from today until Monday, I'll be online a bit but very little.

      When I get back I'll get you set up in the for hire section. In the meantime I can say Sid has done 4 articles for me, they were all delivered very courteously and quickly.

      He's a very trustworthy and nice person.

      Sid I'll be talking to you Monday so we can move things forward for you.

      Sorry for the delay, one of those weeks. :rolleyes:

      Wibble, bark, my old man's a mushroom etc...

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      Originally Posted by kakaboo View Post

      Go to Amazon Mturk and find some jobs there.. they pay very little sometimes but since you are free and have nothing to do it might be worth a shot
      I wouldn't go that far, not Mturk

      Try to create more gigs, find what other gigs you can create on fiverr, the more you make the more visible you are, also try other fiverr alternative and post over there it may help, since you have a better shot to stay on their main page than fiverr
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    Go to warriors looking 4 services and offer Ur services.
    wt gigs u have put on fiverr?
    try odesk, freelancer, elance, scriptlance....
    read free stuffs in WF and try to implement them .....

    I can convert your Non-Responsive website to Responsive website ... How sweet is that? :)

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    put a link in your sig to a free blogger blog with your details on it
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    Doesn't fiverr have a 'I want someone to do...' type section? Have a look in there and see if any of the requirements match your skill sets.
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