Debating whether to change Title of Web Page

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One thing I didn't spend enough time, was researching the titles of my competitors websites. At the moment I'm ranked #3 for a certain keyword, but the title of my web page just isn't very eye catching.

I want to know if changing the title of my web page could affect my ranking in Google? Not sure if it's worth the risk
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    I've often taken clients' sites and reworded their titles without a problem.

    Just keep the keyword you're ranking for in it and rework it to make it better.

    I recommend thinking of your title as a headline. In other words, try to include a big benefit in it.

    This goes for the description too. I include the phone number there so people can get it without even going to the site.

    Lastly, I include a call to action in the description.
    Zach Waldman - Los Angeles Magician
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    changing the title may affect your SEO rankings in the search engines

    it could be a good or bad change

    but the most important part of on page SEO for your site is your site title

    make sure you keep your primary keyword or keywords in the title***

    To your success,

    Mitchell Assin

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    We changed our website title and a few other tags and for a while we went down the ranking but long term things improved
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    Titles are huge for CTR. Having a catchy title can have a great impact on sales. Changing it may have some short-term disadvantages but the long-term payoff will likely be worth it. As the others said, just make sure you keep your keyword in the title.
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