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I have an affiliate site that Im trying to promote, Ive got all my keywords and long tail keywords figured out. I'm trying to build traffic to the site, the content is already optimized for the most part. Now Im on the building links aspect, this is a layout of our plan:

1. we plan on each manually building about 10-20 links each a day(scrapebox is the only software we will use) we will also be boosting our backlinks

2. we will be submitting about 4-5 articles a month to around 10 directories

3 we will be targeting main and long tail keywords

our concerns are that if we build links to fast we will be sandboxed? i dont know if that's true, I don't think it's true, but it's a concern nonetheless.

Is buying backlinks a good idea or a bad (whats a good place to get em that won't get us banned, please be honest!)

Is article marketing still effective and what techniques to you guys use

How can i get access to guest posting on blogs when our product is somewhat taboo (male enhancement)

I would appreciate any advice, especially sound, concise, and proven.
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    All good questions, however, you might get more responses if you ask one question at a time and in the proper forum. For example, SEO-type questions regarding backlinks belong in the SEO forum.

    Questions about article marketing that are not SEO specific belong in this main forum.

    Some people buy back links and some don't (I personally do not as I have a team that does the manual back linking for me, though we are experimenting with a couple of services right now).

    "Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out."
    - Jim Rohn
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    best advice off the top of my head is build our backlinks in a random pattern to make them look natural to the search engines ..

    for example

    day 1: create 3-4 backlinks to your unique keyword rich content articles on your blog
    day 2: create 1
    day 3: none
    day 4: create 7
    day 5: create 3

    etc etc

    mabey its best you looking into a paid service for this part in your system so it's done by a pro

    hope this helps

    Mitchell A ~

    To your success,

    Mitchell Assin

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      thank you both for your replies, I will move this to the seo thread,
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    dont do everything in a day. You can get traffic fast, but dont burn yourself out.

    You can also outsource little bits of it, like yahoo answers, blogging, blog commenting, yadaa yadda yadda.

    also If you think 4-5 article a month is going to get you good traffic think again.

    I have over 1300+ articles and you do not start to see effects till about the 200 mark. But with the panda slap probably more now. I still post 60 articles a week. LOL. And yes I outsource this and write my own. Depends what sort of mood I am in.
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