Who are the MAC users and do you LOVE IT? Here are some questions for you :D

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Hello Everyone... I am planning on purchasing a Macbook pro ( The New one ) and I am wondering how you guys like your Mac... Maybe even why... What are the things that you dont like about them? Do you ever get frustrated with everything being geared to PC's or is it not a big deal?

Or what would you like to say about your Mac... What is your favorite part?

If you could only answer one of these questions that would be great!

I will be useing my Mac for making money on the internet. ( If I get one )


Micah Rush

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    I have 6 Mac computers and love everyone of them .. Don't be fooled by the so-called more software for windows. Fact is windows needs more software because they need software to protect their systems, 40% of the software created for windows has been created for protection.

    Mac has a faster processor
    Mac has a more stable system
    Mac has a better graphics processor
    Mac does not need that 40% of software

    There are so many reasons why Mac is soo much better, could probaby write a book...

    With that said I do still run Windows on all my systems too, before intel came along mac users used VirtualPC, Softwindows 95 & 98.. Which are all build for a powerPC processor and not intel. Now Intel is here Mac users use a full version of Windows XP or Vista, I prefer WindowsXP over vista but I only use it for very limited things.

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    Hey Micah I'm a Mac user converted from a PC. I love it because I can run Windows as well and there's virtually no slow down - best of both worlds.
    -built in Isight
    -Itunes runs well
    -It just works

    Sometimes the PC only programs get on my nerves, but it doesn't really matter. Don't go out and buy a Mac just because you think it will help you become an all star marketer. Buy only out of profits unless your PC is really old.

    The two must haves for your Mac:
    -Screenflow: screen recording program
    -Quicksilver: a productivity enhancer - free

    Also check out RAM prices online before you buy so you don't spend a fortune at the Apple store upgrading it.

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        Originally Posted by RonHamernik View Post

        I'm a lifelong PC user and was very resistant to switching. To give you and idea, I currently have an office running Windows Server 2003 and about 17 boxes running XP Pro. At my home office, I'm staring at 2 PC's, a Toshiba Laptop and a Dell Laptop all running XP Pro.

        I got an iMac in 08 and never looked back. In fact, I loved it so much that I decided not to install Windows on the mac. I also got a Macbook Pro and love it. So I still use my PC's when absolutely necessary, but will never go back.

        It's like the Matrix . . . . no one can tell you what is the Matrix . . . . you must see for yourself. :-)
        Haha! That is great... Thanks!

        It seems that people who use Macs are TOTALLY commited to using Mac's! There must be a reason


        Micah Rush

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    Hey thanks!

    Wow 6 Mac's, Nice!

    Ya, thats one of the things I like about the new mac's is that you can have windows on it also... That makes it perfect!

    Thanks for the advice on software for the Mac... That is huge!


    Micah Rush

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    Thanks a lot everyone!

    What do you guys think about iLife? I beleive that would be iMovie, Iweb, Itunes, Iphone... Probibly some other things aswell, not sure...

    What about the iLife? Do you use it for web building? Do they have nice templates and things for sales pages and things like that?


    Micah Rush

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    No viruses.

    No pop-up windows.

    No errors.

    No system shutdowns.

    All of the programs integrate with each other - music, photos, design, movie creation, sound production. Soooo easy.
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    I have a Mac but often have to return back to my PC to do certain things.
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    Thanks Everyone!

    What about Iweb? From there videos on there website it looked like it was amazing for blogs and stuff... What do you think?


    Micah Rush,

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    I don't know about iWeb, but I LOVE Rapidweaver (a Mac-only website builder). Check it out: rapidweaver mac theme templates iweb at rapidweaver.com

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