New user with visual impairment (blind) - How to approach website creation for affiliate marketing?

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Hello, firstly please accept my apologies if this is the incorrect forum on which to post this. I'm new here and I'd actually tried getting in touch with Admin (Allen) here with no success. So I thought I'd at least give this a go.

I'm a complete newby to IM and affiliate marketing. I'm visually impaired (blind) which leads me to a few questions I have for more experienced members.

Firstly, I'm looking at four programs (below) as I really could benefit from having sites designed for me which generate traffic, rather than my needing to design them myself, which I cannot do. -Or I should say rather, that I don't know of a way to design a site with the necessary visual appeal to generate traffic. Does this make sense?

So I'm wondering how, or if, any of the below programs might work for me? This is of course, assuming that people here know of these. I won't post links as I'm not sure if this is allowed here. the programs I'm looking at are:

• George Brown's Google Sniper 2.0

• Above the Matrix

• Cash Command and / or Income Ultimatum (from Simon Cad)

I'm just wondering if any of these might be something which can help me create traffic generating sites in a meaningful way? Supposedly the 'Above the Matrix' product will do this but I must admit I'm suspicious of the automated software I've seen advertised.

the only other way I can think to go is to hire someone to design a site, but not only can I not afford this at present, I also cannot see a designer's work to evaluate it.

So you can see my quandary here. I'm posting this question to the forums at large as I simply have not seen one like it before so am not quite sure where to turn. Does this make sense?

I most certainly appreciate any help or suggestions any one of you might have in regard to my situation. -And of course, once again, apologies if this posting is not apropos for the forum.

Thanks very much for reading, and please do have a lovely day / evening!...

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    Cara what you need is a complete system someone can set up for you from ground up.

    The courses you mentioned do not offer that so I would suggest you don't waste your money on them.

    wow... your blind and you want success with this type of work? sorry if I'm blunt but this is the first time ever I am faced with this .. it's definitely different in a good way and kind of inspires me

    I would suggest you find a complete system that is already made .. something you can join and invest some money for them to do the work for you.

    I can only think of 1 person who offers this.. his name is Jay Kubassek .. I'm not sure if anyone on this forum has ever heard of him but he is a brilliant leader and owns a VERY SUCCESSFUL online business system.

    He operates an online business system that pretty much auto-mates everything you need to be successful online ... which I think you need. I would not advice you get into affiliate marketing or CPA which involves setting up a complete system from scratch.

    if that is somthing you are interested in check out:



    Mitchell A ~

    To your success,

    Mitchell Assin

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    I cannot comment on those programs but I'd like to say that I admire your courage and I wish you well.

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      Hi Cara, I'm just wondering how you were able to type and read text on the Web if you're blind. I'm nearsighted and can't use the Internet well without contact lenses or eyeglasses. I think it's possible to start an online business if you're blind. I know a Warrior member who is blind and is now running a successful online business. I hope he'll be posting here to share his thoughts.
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        Hi Cara,

        Welcome to the forum!

        You might consider contacting another blind member here, Marx Vergel Melencio, for advice:
        View Profile: Marx Vergel Melencio

        He runs a very successful internet business, which he built once he became blind.

        Best Regards, Georgetta
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  • Hi Cara,

    Welcome to the community! I'm Marx. My advice is:

    Start your own creative business concept. Build it around the stable foundation of this simple yet effective business model:

    ==>> Helping Others Solve Urgent Problems and Satisfy Immediate Needs They Can't Satisfy Nor Solve On Their Own <<==

    You can do this once you know the specific set of urgent problems and immediate needs of a particular group of people who prefer to search, learn more and purchase solutions online:

    •Develop effective solutions with benefits lacking from available solutions in the market; or

    •Choose excellent solutions offered as affiliate products by its developers, then add benefits lacking from offers of other affiliates marketing the same affiliate products, such as content which can supplement and improve the benefits offered by those affiliate products...

    Next would be to know the online places where those specific groups of people regularly hang out for these two main reasons:

    •They expect to find, learn more and gain informed buying decisions from the content offered by those online communities...

    •They expect to talk to others with similar needs and problems who can share their own actual test results and experience about certain solutions in the market...

    Develop your business brand and website next, after learning specific details relevant to the solutions they need, the process which they need to go through to get those solutions and the content that can help them increase the benefits provided by the solutions they need. You can do this by:

    •Registering a domain name with NameCheap among other domain registrars...
    •Signing up for a Web CPanel host server account with Hostgator among other hosting companies...
    •Installing Filezilla in your Microsoft Windows computer with JFW (I assume you're using JAWS For Windows -- I've been using this screenreader software for more than seven years now, the same time I've been totally blind and running my Information and Communications Technology outsourcing company)...

    •Going to an online repository of free and paid Wordpress themes...
    •Asking someone with eyesight to describe the available themes that best suit your ideas about visual aesthetic value for your target audience...
    •Choosing the most suitable Wordpress theme then downloading it if it's a free Wordpress theme or purchasing it if it's a retail Wordpress theme...

    •Formulating creative concepts for your brand name (i.e. "Nike"), tagline (i.e. "Just Do It"), logo banner, visual site layout, font styling and color theme of your website, then writing detailed descriptions of these things (I acquired my total blindness because someone gunned me down seven years ago, so I can still imagine visual concepts inside my head)...
    •Logging into your domain registrar account to point the name servers of your domain to the name servers of your CPanel host server...
    •Logging into your host server CPanel, going to Fantastico and running the Wordpress installation wizard...

    •Using Filezilla to upload your chosen Wordpress theme...
    •Logging into your Wordpress admin panel then activating your newly uploaded Wordpress theme...
    •Reading helpful entries in various websites about optimizing Wordpress theme settings in terms of viewership readability and SEO to customize the default settings of your newly uploaded theme...

    •Reading more about Wordpress plugins which can help you in SEO and optimizing your site for your viewers, i.e. Making it easier for them to share or bookmark your content...
    •Uploading these Wordpress plugins using Filezilla, activating them and customizing their settings via the Wordpress admin panel...
    •Going to Fivver.Com or a similar online place where you can have your logo banner designed along with the other graphics and visual layout of your Wordpress website...

    You can then develop content pages useful for your target viewers and relevant to your retail products or affiliate products. You can then develop content which you can use to entice your viewers to sign up to your mailing list and get the content download afterwards. You can include links pointing to your retail products or service offers or affiliate products in your mailing list signup content download. If you have your own retail products, you can develop sales pages and use PayPal among other payment processors so your target viewres can easily, conveniently and securely purchase your retail products...

    You can then go to the online communities/places where your target audience frequently hangs out. Develop mutually beneficial relationships with your target viewers and possible JV partners. Develop your reputation in those online communities as an expert resource of beneficial content in the form of info, advice, tips, strategies, techniques, products and services. The objective is to help them learn more about the exact solutions they need for their urgent problems and immediate needs, and not to sell them those solutions...

    I also recommend contacting owners of high authority, heavily trafficked websites with content useful for your target viewers and pages top ranking in Google for keywords relevant to your own site content, products and services. Strike mutually beneficial deals with them, such as guest authoring so their viewers can benefit from your content and know your website as a beneficial source of content, products and services via links included in your content posted on the websites of those webmasters...

    Once you start earning profits: You can try PPC (Pay Per Click) and PPM/PPV (Pay Per Impression/Pay Per View) campaigns with Internet search engines like Google and Yahoo! and with other websites, such as those online communities frequently visited by your target audience and owners of contextually relevant websites with large active mailing list subscriber bases...

    That's about it. I started my ICT outsourcing company without a website, without a domain name, without keywords, without a business email, without previous SEO/SEM/IM knowledge and experience and without eyesight, only with me and my wife's time and skills, our home which also acted as our office, two computers and a residential DSL connection, and with two other work at home moms and dads. Three months after official business registration and operations: We went from one home office and four work at home moms and dads to two head offices here in Manila, nine provincial offices across the Philippines, ninety employees and forty independent subcontractors, ten of whom registered their own businesses, set up their own offices and hired their own employees, with us as their main client...

    It can be done. If you don't know things you need to build, run, grow and expand your business: Learn it. If you don't have enough financial resources to officially educate yourself about those things: Learn it on your own by doing it on your own. If you don't have enough time to learn it on your own: push your limits and learn everything needed better and faster than everybody else. "Pushing the limits" = Identifying things you need to learn, learning them on your own, and learning and doing them better and faster than everyone else...
    • Deep Learning & Machine Vision Engineer: ARIA Research (Sydney, AU)
    • Founder: Grayscale (Manila, PH) & SEO Campaign Manager: Kiteworks, Inc. (SF, US)
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    I don't want to offend, but I think you will have a hard time to promote your page. Of course, you need a person who will operate your site but there are only few person who is trustful and will not cheat you.
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    Welcome Cara!

    Although your situation is have come to the right place for support and direction.

    Marx.......WOW......your post was not only very informative, it was inspiring.
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      I admire your tenacity Cara. Keep it up! Dont give up no matter what anyone CAN do it
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