Top Web Traffic Tips!

by Jayzee
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1 Advertise on websites that matches your niche

Advertise on websites that matches your niche!
If your site is optimized specific niche, find sites that match your niche and post there.
Invest your effort just getting targeted visitors.

There is no effect to get non-targeted visitors who leave your site in less than a second.

2 Social Networking

Using social networks like Facebook can absolutely increase your web traffic. It's free, it's easy, and it can deliver great results if you know how to use it.

3 Forums / Blogs Posting

Advertise your site on relevant forums / blogs.
Contact other people and offer them your service / product.
Most forums allow insert a signature with a link to your site.

As you will be more active in the forum so more people will see your signature and visit your site.

4 Writing articles

Writing articles will help you get targeted web traffic.
Writing articles and submitting to the appropriate category on articles websites will attract targeted visitors you want and need to your website as well!

5 Use advertising programs

Use advertising programs like Google Adwords.
Google AdWords is the most effective advertising program that exists!
You can expose your site to millions in minutes.

Before you start advertising with Google Adwords, it is better to read guides to get maximum effect for your ads, because each click on your ad costs you money!

You also need to learn how to track your campaigns and what changes to make to maximize results.

6 The first two hundred words

keywords are important to attract targeted traffic.
The first two hundred words of the content are the most important from the viewpoint of the search engines. These set of words normally

7 Affiliate Program

Set up an affiliate program.
With affiliate marketing, you can either pay per click, pay per lead generated, pay per sale, or pay per customer acquired.

It also will increase the number of links to your site and your site's ranking

8 Purchase Web Traffic

You can purchase web traffic to advertise your website in several advertising companies. However, you must be careful when trying to purchase web traffic, choose wisely and do a research before you purchase web traffic from advertising companies, use the best company so you can get the expected results!

search engine optimization (SEO) is the major and essential way to ensure you get targeted web traffic to your website.

Use the same keywords your page's title, keywords tag ,links to your site, internal links, and H1 tag on the page!

10 Advertise offline

You can consult companies that published Offline or you can do it yourself.

If you advertise a business requires targeted visitors.
For example, you have a business of shipping and you can only ship in one city.
You can advertise in a local newspaper, flyers, business cards etc..

If you find more effective web traffic techniques then let WF know...
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    A dirty little one you can do is if you have a product based website you can post it for sale on Flippa with a high asking price. Upgrade your listing to a featured listing... I've done it a few times and have got pretty good sales from it. It's also a good way to get your website indexed quickly
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    Add solo ads and ad swaps


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    well good job on the post but it's quite could've narrowed it down a stating what to do on social networking sites and such...
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    Yeah, I agree. Those tips are really very effective and powerful.
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    How come you never mentioned build backlinks.. nothing works like organic traffic..
    Action expresses priorities - Mahatma Gandhi
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    I think the best way to bring traffic is by using SEM ( search engine marketing ) by sem a website get sufficent amt of traffic and the second option is by social networking sites mainly through SU ( stumble upon ) a person get a good amt of traffic. And submit classifieds on local sites by using these activities good amt of traffic will come on your site.
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    Well, here some ways to get good traffic for your site:

    1) Forums and blogs.
    2) Social bookmaking.
    3) Directory submission.
    4) Keyword change on pages
    5) High quality content.
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