If you had 3000$/€ to invest, what kind of website(business,ptc,affiliate network)would you start?

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If you had 3000$/€ to invest, what kind of marketing website (business,ptc, affiliate network) would you start?

I have been out of the game for a while because i decided that it's nicer if you have same money to invest in the beginning. So now that i'm back i found that i'm stuck, all of the old ides are gone or outdated .I really want to hear your opinions,ideas,dreams ... to star my creative juices flowing again .
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    My own product. I believe that is the best model.

    Though I am making good money with Adsense and Affiliate marketing too. But your own product will get you satisfaction and money too.


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    I agree , but 3000$ is a low budget to make a product . Unless it's a piece of software and would go into business with a programmer that doesn't have the start up money.
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    I have also realized the importance of capital when starting out.

    If I had $3,000 to invest in an online marketing business, then I would buy the rights to sell a high quality(+ converting) product and keep 100% of the profits(PLR). I know where to get an amazing business(sales funnel + front end product + 3 upsells = up to $800/sale) for only $1,000 dollars. I would then take that other money and buy everything I need, such as; hosting, domains, advertising, ect...
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    Invest in a evergreen niche, register a unique brand (concept), create a supa dupa site, make it highly popular (viral), sell it to a major company.

    Example: fat kids.

    Create the concept for "fitkidsuk", register the brand, create an authority site with info (text+ videos) on how to turn fat kids into fit kids, make it highly popular (media coverage is a must) and then sell it to a major player in that niche.

    Not saying it's EASY, but it's definitely more profitable then most of the usual methods...

    Think of it as one "outsourcing game" to get you high profits.


    P.S.. Forgot to tell this is a numbers game: sometimes you hit gold fast, sometimes you lose money.
    People make good money selling to the rich. But the rich got rich selling to the masses.
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    Do you have a vague idea about what you want to do, or are you just looking for ROI in any way possible? There are far too many possibilities to be able to recommend something without knowing your goals and skills.

    Need a writer who really understands the Internet marketing niche?
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    I'd probably put it towards creating a set of products... and the rest into marketing books, working out the funnel, and optimizing through PPC.

    That way, you don't have to worry about your income dropping off if Google decides to slap everyone. With a killer product offer and optimized funnel, it's easy to attract people to promote for you. Leverage!

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    Take about half of that and build 4 killer looking sites using WP...Must use unique designs. Products to promote are going to be Amazon products....high-tech goodies...create youtube product review videos on the hottest products to take advantage of the buzz. Get a few sales, etc. Get sales to about $1,000 a month and sell all 4 sites as a package on BizBuySell.com for about $20K and include a marketing agreement with this so you will continue doing marketing for them.

    You need to take a small amount and make it into a bigger amount...this will give you working capital to start playing with other ventures.

    You have 2 types of income...1) cash flow from sales, etc 2) capital gains...profit from building something of value and SELLING IT :-)

    I made $500,000 doing this one year...on the side

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      I am currently working on one of my ideas and it needs around 2200$ investment. 3000$ is more than enough to get a very smooth starting. It would also save some good on online advertising if i had that much. By the way if anyone had a solid idea enough to invest that big amount, they wouldn't be just giving it out to anyone else. You need to think, think on setting up something unique or something that is very rare.
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    I'd start Forex trading...
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    I'd say jump into mainstream affiliate networks like neverblue, EWA and others...choose a highly converting product...how do you find it? look at the epc (earnings per click)

    then start a facebook campaign...choose some demographics, test and keep the winning campaign!
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      I have well over $3000 to invest, I put my extra money into a bond ladder, and high yield blue chip stocks.

      I take about $1000 a month and put it back into my websites so I can make more and more each month.

      The $1000 a month is spent on
      • Buying new domains if I find a good niche I want to start, or will start in the future
      • link building for new websites I am starting (just the basic submissions to directories and social bookmarking
      • Content creation for new sites (if I am too lazy to write the articles myself
      • paying writers to add posts on a regular basis to my established money making sites, which brings in more money from fresh content
      • Paying for large link building projects like article writing and submission, link exchange work (outsourced), and web 2.0 creation
      System seems to work well for me. I try to only spend $1000 per month and every month I bring in more from Adsense and Amazon
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