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by neoo28
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Hi, I am looking for good logo and header designer on Fiverr.

Any recomendations

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    You can design yourself. It is better to buy a software and play with it.

    I have "The Logo Creator". Very easy to use.


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  • There are two basic types of logo designers on Fiverr:

    1) Those who buy a software package and give you three designs they cooked up with it. The designs won't be very good; they'll be extremely generic and most likely won't pertain to your niche at all. This is the vast majority of logo gigs on Fiverr, because most buyers don't know what a good logo should be.

    2) Those who are actual graphic artists who discuss your concept with you and create it from scratch (or from an idea you have). This is the kind of designer you want to work with.

    I can give you some leads if you like.

    Fiverr is looking for freelance writers for its blog. Details here.
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    If you are on fiverr looking for service whether it be programming, graphics, logo design, etc. You're going to get great value.

    Exactly $5 worth of value. Nothing more, nothing less.
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      Thank you for your answers. I was thinking to sell this service on ebay. Buy a gig on fiverr and sell it on ebay. Will it work, or design is not good to sell on ebay. I can not create logos myself.
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