How do you grant your Facebook fans?

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Is there anything you offer to your Facebook fans? What do they get from you for clicking "Like"? Any special benefits, premium content?

Please, share your strategies or the other players' strategies you like the best.
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    It is always a lot easier to attract promotion for people joining your fan page, a lottery or discount anything that will trigger their interest...
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    • Lottery, discount - of course!

      And beside such benefits... Does anybody here have a research on why people click on "Like", what leads them to the action?
      That's fascinating issue, I think, and kinda important in the age of social media marketing.
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    I would suggest to make a giveaway that is related to your business. People will love to go for that.
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    I generally expect people to click the "like" button on things they like.

    I am rather confused about why anyone would bribe someone to like something.

    I mean, they don't REALLY like it. They're lying. You want a following of liars? People who say what you tell them to say, in return for free stuff?

    "The Golden Town is the Golden Town no longer. They have sold their pillars for brass and their temples for money, they have made coins out of their golden doors. It is become a dark town full of trouble, there is no ease in its streets, beauty has left it and the old songs are gone." - Lord Dunsany, The Messengers
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      Originally Posted by CDarklock View Post

      I am rather confused about why anyone would bribe someone to like something.
      Same reason hundreds, if not thousands, of internet marketers offer free reports and the like to build up a mailing list.

      If someone "Likes" your Facebook fan page, you can send them a message at any time.

      Therefore, offering a free gift in exchange for "Likes" on Facebook is no different than the tactics used by internet marketers to build a mailing list.
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      • And what is your favourite and the most impressive Facebook company profile?

        It does not need to be big but rather interesting and intriguing in the way it engage...
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    CDarklock, I totally agree with you.

    I will go to the similar niche facebook fan pages and advocate for what I can offer and get them to like my page.
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    Hi Marcin,
    Consider your Facebook Fan Page a "opt-in page" you need to create an attractive offer for people to hit that like button...I mean, why would you hit a like button if you don't really know what a page is about? But, if you create a cool offer like "hit the like button now to reveal how to grow a third leg" its quite interesting, I mean some people will hit it just for the fun of it. lol..anyways I use a tool called North Social for my Facebook plugins. I combined this with a strategy of Facebook Sponsored ads and boosted my facebook count from 836-1538 in 11 days. Purely because I had something to exchange for the like hit...this is the fan page: DSI London | Facebook
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    Set up a nice Welcome page to your Facebook fanpage. If you are generous enough to put up a contest and provide a price. It will be a effective strategy to increase your like.
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  • Thank you for all the replies.
    I totally agree the best “Like” is a sincere “Like” from heart. That’s what I will work on.
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    if you want to get/grow facebook follower twiends is one of the free tools. it's a like exchange tools.
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