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by Exire
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Hi all,

Just wanted to see if I could pick your brains real quick. I've recently started dabbling in PHP and need a project to work on. I figured I could set up some sort of web based service that can be used to generate a relatively passive income. The service should be something that businesses, rather than the general public, can use and benefit from (mostly because businesses have expense accounts and won't cancel a $30/mo. service when they need extra money like a consumer would). It should pretty much run by itself without needing me to do anything but get customers to the site to have them subscribe to the service.

The price point should be between $29/mo. to $129/mo. (ideally around $40 -- $60 per month). The thing is, I'm not sure what kind of service to provide.

An example of what I'm talking about is the old "server uptime monitoring" service. This runs pretty much completely by itself, so far as I can see. Potential customers come to the site, subscribe for $X/mo. and the service simply monitors their site and notifies them if it should be unreachable for whatever reason.

What I don't want:

* Something complex (either to implement on my side or to use on the customer's side)

* Something time consuming to run (i.e., I don't want to have to hand-hold customers or spend hours and hours overseeing lots of outsourcers who provide the service)

* Something that's overly saturated (i.e., the server monitoring service mentioned above; competition is fine but not when there's hundreds or thousands of providers already).

Anyone have any suggestions?
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