Help! My anchor links have been maliciously modified!

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Hey all,

It's been awhile since I visited/worked on my wp/affliate sites but when I did today, I noticed that my anchor links have been maliciously modified to those that sell products like viagra! You can see this at my site, My blog about the virtues of internet viral marketing. What can I do to get my site back to normal i.e. have these malicious links removed ASAP?

Any assistance with this matter would be appreciated, thanks!


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    -Change all passwords (hosting/WordPress/MySQL/etc).
    -Disable all plugins
    -Manually go through and fix your site if you don't have a backup (there's no way around this)
    -Research each plugin and make sure that it's secure before re-enabling it
    -Make sure your theme itself doesn't have backdoors or vulnerabilities
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    The obvious question - do you have a recent backup? If so use that to restore your site to its original condition.

    Then apply some standard WordPress security fixes to your site, a good reference is this:

    Hardening WordPress « WordPress Codex

    And of course don't use a user name like "admin" or a simple password.

    You can also enlist the help of you r host in examining your logs to see where the attacks may have come from. You could then try and block them, either via your hosts firewall or by using your .htaccess file.

    Good luck with it

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      Hi Dora,

      Try the WP Security Pros at WPSecurity-dot-com.

      They repaired a bunch of my Wordpress sites last year and I haven't had any problems since.

      God luck,

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        Pardon my ignorance, but how do I backup my WP blogs? I tried looking at my dashboard, but I am lost, thanks!

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