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Hi Warriors...

I was looking at the business and reseller and also VPS accounts at Host Gator to upgrade my hosting from several single hosting services.

Is anyone familiar with these different accounts and could recommend one for a business that currently has about 5 sites, with product downloads, but will grow quickly and have many WordPress and non WordPress sites to host in the coming weeks?

If anyone knows the main difference between the business and reseller that would be cool??

Many thanks

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    VPS is the way to go, you will get guaranteed CPU % time and Resources.
    VPS is much much more stable than any other plan, and it is more reliable and gives you freedom to do whatever you want and nobody will bother you
    Also price is very nice, nice VALUE FOR MONEY ratio
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    If you are serious about your business , have a look at liquidweb ( they own stormondemand too) and wiredtree, if you don't have much traffic, hostgator would do the trick.

    A good source to research hosting would be at Web Hosting Talk - The largest, most influential web hosting community on the Internet, unbiased opinions.

    Hope it helps.


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      I usually go for VPS..It is one of the best host plans out there..
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        OK guys

        Thats great thanks - I'll have a look at these other providers - it looks like VPS then

        The forum looks brill !!


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          HostGator is ok , but I had issues with speed. I'm with WebsiteMe now. I pay a little extra, but the support and speeds are awesome. I'm on a semi-dedicated and it's awesome! But if you want cheap - go with HG

          If you need a website, something cool, slick, and affordable - something with built in aweber, hosting included, extremely easy to use. Unlimited pages, Drag and drop functionality. E-mail me. vanfenix1 at gmail.com. || I'll set you up a site for 15 days to test out || Squeeze pages? no problem. Lightweight E-commerce? easy as pie. My Websites are not like you've ever seen. Try it today FREE!

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    I have been looking at Certified Hosting. They seem pretty good IMO.
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    I suggest you check out Bluehost, if you haven't already. Their customer service is excellent and their prices are competitive.
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    Hostgator all the way. I have used them for years and had very few problems. Their customer service is awesome - phone or email, day or night. They are based in Houston TX.
    Sandra Sims

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    Host gator, my favorite for many years. The customer service is really something, my site goes down, send a ticket, sometimes I watch "Bang" 10 minutes later, a full broken out detailed solution, with options, and at worst case scenario, a few tech folks talk, get involved jointly-and they are good.

    Next you rate their customer support, by the ticket just completed , hard to believe, anyone else providing that? That's how HG runs their biz. They have saved me many times, cannot afford to change services...period... They really do operate 24/7 , I've contacted at all hours, plus weekends, they are there, just amazing service- some more peace of mind...
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      I'd go with HG reseller and expand into VPS or dedicated host if and WHEN needed.

      I've worked with HG reseller accounts for years and highly recommend that for multiple sites. Separate cpanel for each site and no add-on domains to fuss with - and a WHM to manage all from one screen.

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