Am I breaking the rules here?

by Phil Jacobson 5 replies
Just need to clarify this.

I am fairly new at this and as my first project I have decided to promote a certain
product as an affiliate.

The site is my own and I have spent a long time on it.
(Might not look like it to most of you because of the mess it is in, but I am trying!!)

But the sole purpose right now is to promote that product and get people to that site to become members.

In the near future I am really keen to do more original work with promoting Ezine Marketing and Advertising as I think it is a really natural, simple and ethical way to get your word out.
But I digress.

I read the post at the top about the rule here but wanted to be totally clear.


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    Originally Posted by pjj View Post

    But the sole purpose right now is to promote that product and get people to that site to become members.

    Forums like this are for exchanging ideas, interacting with one another in as positive manner as possible for improvement, not for spamming each other, referring to your "sole purpose," as that comes across on this end - to me, anyway.

    There are classified ad sites and others where you solely place ads. Plus there ad areas in this forum, but this Discussion area is not the place.

    Your posts are sure welcome if you are trying to offer help to others and seek help for your internet marketing, sure. But if you just want to soley advertise here and nothing more, that's not welcome - at least in this area of the forum.

    Wasn't clear on what you are asking....

    So hope that helps some
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      Thanks for the reply.

      Learning a lot here. Especially about how to word my posts.

      I meant to ask only about the signature at the bottom and whether that is against the rules or not.

      The sole purpose of that site is to promote an affiliate site, but I didn't mean for that to be interpreted as the sole purpose for me participating on this forum.

      Like the sig says, I'm willing to learn and share.

      Looking back on the post, I can see how it could be interpreted that way.

      It wasn't intended as spam, an add or anything. Just a look at my site and you'd see what a shambles it is in and that it is unlikely to convert too well at all.

      But honestly, I just want to get that cleared so I can start participating in a positive manner and in a way that is brings about mutual benefit.



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